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Marea or Farallon?

Which is your favorite and why ?

I like the cabanas at Marea. And just walk up te hill for lunch or dinner when we want something different. One aspect is the steps to the beach at Farallon (I prefer an even ground); Marea even in low season is almost a full house, Farallon is closed. Marea’s food isn’t as varied as Farallon and the Farallon has magnificent views but to me, it’s just booked by guests who need a bit of pampering. Which is nice once in a while; but I really like the atmosphere at Marea where in a very short time, you are friends with everyone. Just don’t go the rent by the hour motel (I think it’s called Punta Piedre or something similar). Marea is my pick.

I preferred te Farallon. The best was being able to sit on my balcony in the late afternoon, having a beer(s) reading a book, watching the sea from the third floor. The view from the buffet balcony wasn’t shabby either.

View from buffet:

[img width=“1024” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/marea%20del%20Portillo%20cuba/MareadelPortillo039_zps5fda752f.jpg” style=“width:666px;height:513px;max-width:100%;” height=“768”]

I would walk down to the Marea for a coffee or two after breakfast.

Plus the Farallon had a great iguana guarding the staircase down to the beach

[img width=“1024” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/marea%20del%20Portillo%20cuba/MareadelPortillo127_zpsfec88338.jpg” style=“width:712px;height:471px;max-width:100%;” height=“622”]

I stayed at the Farallon, and that would be my choice again. Liked the view, liked the rooms and the layout, don’t mind the walk to the beach. If I did visit when Farallon isn’t open, I would opt for a Cabana at Marea.

Holy Cow - Igy is still there !!!I like the Marea :::

  1. Few steps.
  2. Horses on site for Michel.
  3. Better beach / beach bar.
  4. Better lay out.
  5. Most rooms right on beach.
  6. Less mosquitoes.
  7. Nice stage.
  8. Less problem drinkers.
  9. More intimate.
  10. Beach runs both ways.
    11 Older average age.
  11. Nice stage.