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Marien Coral Hilton


Would like to no a much as possible about this hotel. I hear that you should not even brush your teeth with the tap water, so this being the case how safe is the ice that is in your drink, and is there any other worries like at nite time are there sand flies that are down in the sand that will bite your legs this happened in costa rica to us the little bugs that you don’t see or feel till the next morning, what kind of lotion work’s for taking away the itch if this is a problem, if there is anything else please let us know thank’s Larry


Some people do brush there teeth with tap water but to be completely safe don’t do it. As for the ice cubes they are made from purified and filtered water and are perfectly safe in a drink. I have never heard of sand flies at this resort but it is possible they are there or at any other resort. There are several ointments that people use and I’m sure you will hear from people which is the best.


We just returned yesterday from the Marien Coral :’(, and it was an amazing resort. This was our first trip to the DR and everything, with the exception of one tour we booked, was so far beyond our expectations. we did not use the tap water to brush our teeth. However we consumed alot of water and alot of ice, with no ill effects. There was alot of time spent on the beach both during the day and evening and very few bites at all. Will be posting a review shortly. If you have specific questions you can pm me.


We returned Nov.16 from the Marien. We never drank the tap water as we always had bottled water in our room… You can also refill the bottles at the pool bar(nice & cold). None of us, including our 21 month old daughter got sick and she drank an amazing amount of fluid.
As far a sand flies, we were pretty lucky. Our daughter had a couple of bites on her and my wife got a couple also. Not sure if they were mosquitoes or fleas. I may have had one. We did see some people with lots of red marks. One fellow said he got his when he was sitting watching the show at night.
Best thing to do is put on a spray in the evening, like at home. This way you’re covered outside and in your room if the little critters follow you home! the room is fumigated weekly so not much lives there.



Curious…do they fumigate the grounds at all?

The resort we went to this past January fumigated everyday. We did not encounter any biting insects at all. Perhaps they did this just as a precautionary measure.



When we were there we saw them sprayin one evening around 6 pm in the areas close to the paths. I don’t know what it was, but we only saw them once and as we had so few bites of any kind we assumed it was bug control.