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Marien coral


Could someone help us.
We are staying at the marien coral in June and would like to know if the guys have to wear trousers/jeans for the evening meal or are shorts acceptable.
Many thanks


When we were there last May, the men tended to wear either dress pants or dress shorts. I never seen to many men wear jeans, mainly kacki pants. If they wore shorts, they tended to be dress shorts with a dress shirt. Have a great trip


hey for supper for men. dress shorts are fine. The only thing they have been enforcing this time I was there last week was that men have to have sleeves on their shirts for supper. No tank tops or sleeveless tees. Other than than half the people dress up and the other half where shorts and t’s


I agree. We were there in Jan. and about 50% wore pants and golf shirts. Dress shorts and a T/golfshirt with collar and short sleeves was acceptable. My hubby wore dress pants to dinner and usually changed. Some people REALLY dressed up, however they were a minority. I usually wore a cotton skirt and top to dinner