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Marina El Cid Beach

Hi all,

Still trying to find a nice swimming beach in Mexico. Has anyone been to Marina El Cid? Every picture I see there is nobody swimming…??? Why is that? Is the bottom too rocky? Anyone who has been there, please elaborate on what the beach is like. I have done my share of snorkling so am not interested in that. I want a nice beach to walk on and swim in.


nice swimming beach? Have you consider resorts on Maroma Beach.

:slight_smile: All the pics I’ve seen of the El Cid looks to me like there is a Marina right there. Swimming? No thanks! :-X :-*

Wow. Secrets Maroma Beach…if I could only win the lottery. That place looks amazing. Is there more affordable resorts along that stretch of beach? Something under $7000 would be nice! haha Actually something under $3000 is better. Thanks for the replies.

I know there’s also ElDorado Maroma, Catalonia Maroma and Maroma Resort & Spa but I’m quite sure there is at least one more.

Check out the beach and water there: