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Market place / clean hotel rooms

Did anyone watch market place Saturday evening? Scary the reviews on Canada’s hotel rooms , including Royal York in Toronto.
They had hidden cameras watching staff clean the rooms , the one where she clean the toilet bowl with the hand held mop, swab out the toilet and then did the sink and tap and the top of the vanity all with the same mop, YUK!
Another she had her rubber gloves on cleaning bathroom and washed the drinking glasses with the rubber gloves on and took a swipe of the hand soap and rub around the mouth of the glass, YUK! Watch next Sat for more horror stories on our hotels in Canada, very scary as they said they were many super bugs with unbelievable levels of germs on surfaces.

Wasn’t that something! Gave us the creeps so much that, the next day, I had to move all the bedroom furniture so "someone’ could vacuum and wipe walls. She wants one of those “Germ” detectors now, too. :sunglasses:
And we don’t have an ice maker full of e coli.
One woman in charge said the staff has a quota of 15 rooms to clean each shift. It used to be less but the hotels used lay-offs to reduce costs and now the rooms can’t always (or ever?) be cleaned properly. >:(
I’m glad there’s no layover on this winter’s trip. :wink:

Scary , we have a stop at hotel before and on the return. Would a can of Lysol help?? if we sprayed the room as we entered?? really is baffling as what to do, to stay away ,from the super bugs,We are careful now with a little germ phobia, wear gloves and a mask , NO! Oh what to do??

Lol. Everywhere everything has germs to let something like this stop you from going on a trip or just going to the corner store it’s just crazy. You’d would have to live your life in a bubble …I watch it to …market place …if your scared of germs just go to the hospital and you hope to get better but you never know what in the air never mind on the handle of some door …If I can’t see it it don’t bother me and I sure don’t go around thinking about germs what a can catch if we all did we wouldn’t leave are house …take care. And remember wash your hands. Lol