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Marriage Cert...How long did it Take?


Just wondering how long it took you fellow IV ladies who got married at Iberostar Varadero to receive your marriage certificate?
I was married there on May 4th (AMAZING Resort) and just wondering when I should be receiving it…


I wasn’t at the IV, but at Breezes Varadero…We were married in April and are stilll waiting. I’m assuming that they all go to the Havana.

I contacted my resort, and they said that they were just starting to receive the April ones now (that was 2 weeks ago). From my understanding they then need to be sent to somewhere in Canada to be stamped, then to us. So I’m thinking 4-5 months in total. I’ll put up a post when mine arrives. (hopefully sooner than later!!)



It took mine exactly three months to arrive which is about the norm.


I didn’t get married at IV, but Breezes Jibacoa. My certificate took just under 3 months. You hopefully won’t have too much longer to wait!! :slight_smile:


I was married at IV on April 30 and I haven’t received mine yet. I’m hoping it will be soon. At least we’re not alone in this. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! Actually right after I posted, Belkis sent me an email saying its still not back from Havana and that it takes b/t 5-6 months from Wedding Day for me to receive it! :frowning:
She said she mentioned this in our meeting when we were at IV but I didn’t remember…maybe I was just too excited to be there and getting married!! :smiley:


I think I could cry! I was married at the IV on May 8th and I’m still waiting as well… I really want to change my name… I also think it would make us feel more “married” if that makes any sense…

Belkis told us in the meeting it would take 4 months… Should I email her to clarify?? Also, I didn’t think it had to go anywhere in Canada to be stamped. I understood it got stamped by Cuba and Canadian embassies in Havana. All we have to do here is get it translated…


we were told about 6 months


I got married in Holguin area and mine took just over 4 months. I got married at end of December and the Certificate was stamped by British Embassy and Cuban Foreign Office in Havana at the end of January but it did not arrive back to the Notary in Holguin until April?! Where it was between Feb and Apr I don’t know ::slight_smile:
Can understand the frustration as the first thing you want to do is change your name, hang on in there and be patient! In Cuba these things take time :slight_smile:


I got my certificate yesterday. It took 4 months. ;D It’s all in Spanish though. Do I need to get translated to change my name?


I got married in Holguin. It took justo over 5 months for my certificate to arrive…



skwedding…yes you do need to get it translated in order to change your name, its an easy enough process and will save you tons of headaches.


We got married at Jibacoa and it took almost exactly 3 months to get our wedding certificate.

All the legalizing and stamping happens in Havana, so they don’t get sent to Canada and then back to the resort to send to you. The Canadian or British embassies in Havana register and legalize the wedding certificate there.

We were married April 5 06, the stamps on our wedding certificate show the Notaries office stamp as April 6, the Ministry of Exterior Relations in Havana as April 26th and the Canadian Embassy in Havana as May 4th…
I guess the other 2 months were spent getting it back to the Mantanzas Notary office, back to Jibacoa and then to us in BC… ::slight_smile:

As for translating, I think it depends entirely on which province you reside in…


I received my Marriage Cert today!!! Finally!!! ;D
So it took 4 months to arrive to Newfoundland!
So yea do we have to get it translated? Anyone from NL get theirs already translated?


Oh you’re so lucky!!! And I’m so jealous :wink:

I don’t know anything about translations…but I do know that in Ontario the liscense place said that I don;t need to translate it for my drivers liscence.


well jennb you must be in a great place in Ontario, b/c it was a must for me!! no ifs ands or buts, and if you want your married name for your passport you’ll definitely need it for that.


That’s interesting…the lady probably didn’t know what she was talking about…and I’ll show up to change it, and they’ll send me away. I’ll definatley get it translated then. Thanks.

On another note…still no certificate!! i’m TRYING to be patient. I actually e-mailed the WC at the resort…I’m still waiting on an answer as to where it is…


We just got an email from the wedding coordinator at Playa Pesquero (Yaly - she’s awesome) and she told us to expect our certificate to be sent to us in 4 months. Sounds like it’s the norm.


I had mine translated but not one place that I went to asked me for it. It only cost me $40 which isnt a lot but I didnt’ want to take the chance of going to have my name changed and not being able to do so.


Well apparently I got my certificate!!! And after only 3 months too!! It was mailed to my address in town so I will get it this weekend. Yippeeee!!