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Marriage Certificate


We received our Marriage Certificate today, less than 3 weeks since the wedding.


i got mine very quick to. i got it the same week i got home, i assumed it would take awhile


I also got it very fast.Within two week it was in my hand…


Once again 2 years old. Try to keep your post relevant this again is a very old post. Try to keep it to current happenings and post when you can add something of value. I know I am being harsh but I am spending way too much time checking all the posts that are new and find I am wasting my time looking at yours.



I am somewhat confused. By all the posts you have made, it seems that you have never been to the DR. Pray tell, how did you get a marriage certificate from a place you have not been to ??? This boggles my mind …


I got it from where i am living not from DR so don’t make yourself confused.


Why then would you comment on you getting a marriage certificate from where you are from ( Where ever that is) if your marriage certificate I’d not from the DR ??

Makes no sense to me why a 2 1/2 yr old post would be resurfaced by you… With a comment I got mine in 2 weeks. Yet not from the DR

That is more then slightly confusing