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Married in DR now i need to get divorced


Ok so I was married in the dominican 4 years ago. We never filed the papers in Canada. So now, how do i get divorced? Am I even married in Canada? Someone must know? Thanks


Which country are you talking about?
What’s your ‘husband’s’ nationality?



What did you claim on income tax? A wedding in the Dominican Republic is legal all over the world so yes you are married. I assume you need to do the same things you would need to do if you were married here in Canada. Go to a lawyer and get the legal seperation, then, depending on where you are I think you can get divorced. Here in Quebec you must go to a mediator first, and you can only get divorced after one year legal separation. You don’t have to go to a mediator if you are asking for divorce on grounds of abuse (mental or physical)


Are you supposed to file papers if you’re Canadian and don’t marry in Canada? We were married in Negril 14 years ago … or at least I’ve assumed we’ve been married since then. :o :-*


We are both canadian, but when we were married they told us to send or documents to the dominican consulate for our canadian marriage certificate. Thats the thing i never did. We have been legally seperated since march but now i need the divorce,do i need 2 divorces? or one?And which country? it was alot easier to get married there then it is to get divorced.


You only have to get your certificate translated to english at the Dominican Consulate if you need it for something(change of name). Your marriage has already been legalized and registered with the DR. If you want to get divorced you just need to go about it the same way you would if you were married here. Go to the lawyer and start the divorce proceedings.


As was already said here, talking to a lawyer is really where you need to start. However, you do not need to get divorced in the Dominican Republic - only in Canada - but you cannot get divorced until you have been separated for at least a year. You will also need your original marriage certificate and, if it is in Spanish, you will likely need to get it translated.