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Martian ...your comments please on this



Please …with all your experience in Cuba what is your take on this?


I don’t have Martian’s experience, but it sounds likely to me. Why wouldn’t they arrest her if her stated purpose was to disrupt a trial? (I could say something about Toronto and the G20, but that would be “political”)

As far as the rest of the article, vehicular manslaughter will get you jail time in a lot of countries, not just Cuba.

More info here: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-10-05/cuba-detains-activist-yoani-sanchez-pro-government-blog-says


Seems straightforward. A carload of known dissidents get in an accident; government charges driver the maximum they can; another known dissident wants to disrupt the trial and gets arrested.
Dissidents get punished but also get worldwide publicity. It doesn’t seem like a situation unique to Cuba.


These three were never near the trial but on the road to Bayamo.
They were released after 30 hours of detention yesterday.
The family of the man who was killed in the crash were prevented from being present in court as well. :frowning:


Was she really arrested?
If would be good for business if her “supporters” were to believe such.
Just sayin’



If you want the opinion of one particular forum member, please send him/her a PM. The title of this thread leaves me completely in the dark where the discussion is all about…


I have done this and knew that others might have valuable insight also


From the Vancouver Sun.

For anyone interested in what she’s been up to and why she draws such attention as a critic, here is her blog site:

I know many Canadian travellers who’ve picked up useful tidbits from this source. The helpful hint to watch for 3Peso “Che” coins being switched for 1CUCs in your change was one for me. :wink:

Years ago when dealing with the Soviet Union, we used to say a “Balanced” view of the world was only possible if one read Time and Pravda. For Cuba, it may well require reading Granma, Connerg and Yoani Sanchez. :slight_smile:
Regular visitors to Cuba may not wish to voice an opinion. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


It is odd “Martain” has not yet responded… I can only hope that he is off on a new adventure and that photos will soon follow… I can only hope this will be not too far off ~ love his view… literally … of his travels!


I believe he decided that “one too many” deletions of his posts that contained pertinent information regarding CUC’s was enough for him…

[quote=@steffiej]You are absoulutely correct, old grapes. All posts referring to taking CUCs out of Cuba to Miami, etc. have been removed. This thread is of importance to travellers to Cuba and muddying it up with nonsence isn’t appreciated by those trying to follow this thread.
Remember, there is an OFF TOPIC area on the forum; please use it instead of highjacking threads.[/quote]

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… don’t blame him at all :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not odd at all, the “editor” and the mods chased him out of here


seems like that as I just got a note from him saying something of the same. Cuba travel information just became a bit less informative here on Debbie’s IMHO


His account is closed. He indicated he wasn’t happy about the “Other Forums we Visit” (can’t remember the exact name) being shut down after so many constructive suggestions.
Cheers, Martian.


My heart is playing “Taps” for Martian. He was our own Hunter S. Thompson! Besos y abrazos, dude!