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Martini's at the Ambar...or anywhere at the Bahia?

I thought I read or heard somewhere that they serve Martini’s there…but haven’t seen or heard anything since to confirm this.

Any idea’s if this is true…and if so, where abouts on the resort can you get them? Don’t remember seeing them the last time we were there, although we spent most of our time in the lobby bar.

Love to hear from someone who knows or has been there…nothing better than smooth Martini to cap off or start an evening off with… ;D

we were there last February and you could get them at the lobby bar of the Ambar. If they didn’t have a particular drink you wanted on their menu, the bartenders were always willing to make it if you told them how. Tipping generously the first couple of nights helped.

did they have the drink menus?..I really liked that 2 years ago when we were there…last year at EdenH they didnt have a menu…so you had to try and ask them or tell them what to put in it…