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Massive Storm Coming Eastern Canada

This could effect Sunwing flights to Cuba right across Canada.

Time for #stormchips in the Maritimes!

 You lucky easterners, the fun never seems to stop.  :P There should be quite a few flight delays coming up…

ha ha i made a sarcastic emoticon.

Hopefully this winter will finish before summer come

We are trapped in a snow globe and some jerk keeps giving it a shake!

I feel so bad for any flights trying to leave today. Ours leaves next week and I hope we are good to go. This winter has not been good for us here. There is a sea of red on the airport website. Friends leaving today on Transat @ 10am and another leaving Westjet @7am. They might get out if it holds off just a little bit longer. Schools closed as well as HRM office.

One always expects a little bit of snow early April, comes and goes the same day when the sun comes up…not this much.

Spring has definitely been cancelled. I am so done with winter !!! Coldest and longest winter we’ve had since I was a kid. Enough already!!

Well I just got back from a last min weekend deal to Cuba to find out we are getting this storm and another one this weekend it looks like. As long as they are over before I head back to Varadero next Wed I won’t complain.

Had a co-worker flying south today out of Halifax on Sunwing and she got out luckily!

Been a long hard winter, which has just meant I have had a great excuse to visit Cuba more…lol

A couple of weeks ago, I was bragging about the nice weather here in Calgary. It almost felt like spring.

But now I’m looking out the window at falling snow. Still, nowhere near as bad as what the East Coast is getting. I hope all you folks in the Maritimes are able to mostly stay in and keep warm.

The sign of a real storm is when the liquor stores are closed … and they are! :slight_smile: It’s a good day to be hunkered down with a crockpot of fish chowder, a thermos of latté, and a good book.

Sunwing’s flight from Halifax/Moncton to Varadero got off ok this morning, but the afternoon flight to Holguin won’t be happening.

Wow, that is serious!

Not feeling a bit guilty about the sunshine and high of 14 degrees we’re expecting today. Playtime at the beach with my granddaughters this afternoon! Prefer sand shovels to snow shovels!

Love how all the flights out of Halifax are cancelled and the Sunwing flight to Holguin at 4:30 shows “Delayed” - typical Sunwing!!

Feel really badly for the folks due to depart on vacation from the Maritimes today … :frowning:

I have done three trips to Cuba with Sunwing and four flights there was delays up  to 24 hours

Lots of flowers out in Port Alberni - should get to 14 C today.