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Matching travellers to avoid singles supplement?


Is there a section on this site where a single traveller can connect up to share a room? I’m not talking about people looking for “action”, just to share a room so that you don’t have to pay the extra fee for single occupancy.


Have never heard of any such site.


Club Med used to accept single reservations and match you up with a roommate.

I was checking out pricing for a trip in Jan '10 and was shocked at how much it would cost me to travel alone.

Maybe we should start a section here or in each of the areas - North coast, East coast etc. similar to the Meeting Place thread.


Breezes (when it was in POP) would let you book as a single (without a supplement) with them matching you up. You also had the option to pay the supplement and have your own room.


I see that almost 100 people looked at this link. Is there any interest out there to try and co-ordinate either singles or groups with with numbers that don’t add up to even room capacities? Post and let me know.


I remember in the brochures it used to say single supplement or they would match you up with someone of the same sex at the resort. I will dig out my old brochures.


Personally, to get two ‘strangers’ on the same booking would likely entail sharing more personal information than I would be comfortable with. IMHO, you would be better off finding a friend or aquaintance to share with, or bite the bullet and pay the supplement.


Bob, thye used to match them at the resort…me personally, I would pay the extra and have my own room. You never know who you could get stuck with…


Wouldn’t you also have to do dinner reservations with that person too since they are usually done by room numbers? Would be alright if you got along but could be a very long vacation if you didn’t care for the person.


Right, that 37 year old female roommate may turn out to be a 55 year old male …


It really shouldn’t be that hard to find ‘someone’ to share with. A friend, aquaintance, business associate, friend of a friend etc. If not, the supplement isn’t all that bad. As an example, I just checked the package we’re taking in January. The single supplement for a two week package was only $300. Not cheap, but better than ruining a vacation with the wrong roommate …


I am going as a single Nov 29 2009 and would like someone also to share room. But I paid already about an extra 300$. But is still possible if other person just pays air and then me. krystal
I am from CalgaryAB


Anybody have a couple of good spots in mind that have a very low single supplement?
Adjoining rooms, perhaps? Might beat the price of a suite if two are booked as singles with a low supplement?


Depending on the time of year, you might be able to book a double occupancy room with somebody with whom you aren’t overly familiar and then once at the hotel see how much extra they’d charge for a 2nd room. On one occasion, during the high season, I was told $75 or $100, I forget which, so $350 for each of us (cheaper than booking single occupancy in advance) which we didn’t take. On another, in lower season, I was charged $25 extra which my friend and I DID take. In my case, I was prepared to room with both of the people and hoped for the best. In the situation of this thread when you’re dealing with strangers, you wouldn’t want to count on the hotel being able to offer you a good deal on the extra room, but it’s a very real possibility that it could work for you.



check out the website http://travelchums.com/

It is designed just for this purpose

corrected link


Yeah i guess if possible sharing the room is something which can really be helpful in all the terms.What i personally feel is taking care of all these things is necessary because it has an impact which can disturb your pocket.So keeping it in a good way is all that can be working for you and find it reasonable.