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May Roll Call!


We are going to Caribe Club Princess May 4-13…Anyone else in PC that time?


Hi. We will be at that resort also May 4-10!

It’s our first trip to the DR and we’re super excited!


Sounds like a match. Hope you can at least get together for drinks.
Bobroswill obviously has to “buy” the first round, oh, wait a minute, already paid for . . .
Hope you all have a good time.


[quote=@cincygirl]Hi. We will be at that resort also May 4-10!

It’s our first trip to the DR and we’re super excited!

Hope you will have fun and great weather!


are you both doing VIP there? Well worth the very small price :slight_smile:

Just got back from my second trip there this year.


Hi Debbie,

I’m a little confused about the VIP thing. Maybe you can set me straight. If you get a VIP suite, does that make you a VIP or do you need to get the VIP package? We only booked a Superior room through the travel agency, but would like to upgrade to a VIP room. It looked like the difference in price for the room was only around $75 a week, but I read somewhere that getting the VIP package was $25 per person/per day, so I figured it was something different. Also, should I try to upgrade by contacting our travel agency or just wait until I get to the resort and do it there?

Any advice you could give us newbies would be greatly appreciated!



you should upgrade to VIP with your travel agent, plus it’s much cheaper that way… as you said it’s only $75 doing it that way.

You can’t book a superior room and get VIP status.

The VIP upgrade entitles you to the Caribe Club VIP suites, the bracelet, better room placement, more VIP rooms have better ocean view or ocean front rooms, better alcohol, the extra a la carte that others have to pay for ($35), a free 20 minute massage and better ammenities in the room.


I was able to book a VIP suite through the agency for a very reasonable amount. So glad I was able to do this before we got there. Thank you so much for your help Debbie! We are a little nervous about our first trip out of the country so the advice that everyone provides here is such a great help!


Perfect :sunglasses:


Hi Cincygirl…You will like the VIP upgrade. We land at 1:30PM on the 4 th. When do you get in?
As Bob from Canada said , first round is on me…lol.
Hopefully we can meet up. We have other friends that we met on forum that are from Cleveland. They are staying at another resort and are going to meet on the beach for a beer.
You will have a blast.
Let me know if you have questions.


We get in at 1:30 too! Maybe you can help guide us through the airport craziness that I keep hearing about. I already bought our tourist cards online so I’m hoping that doesn’t add to the confusion.

You might not want to offer help with my questions because I might bug you too much, lol. I am glad to see that you’ve been there before and are going back. I have seen such mixed reviews. We’re so excited and I know we’ll have a great time!

Thanks again and the second round is on me! :smiley:


Hi Cincygirl…We are flying Nh to Newark and Newark to PC on United.
Buying the tourist card is a good thing and should help.
What is your transportation to hotel…we are doing shared in a bus not private this time. We will be glad to help and don’t worry about questions we love to help and we really enjoy the DR and like to help others in order to get the most from their vacation.
We are traveling with some other couples …one that has been to DR more than 30 times and another that we met last year and arranged our trips together this year.
Great hotel and beautiful spot on the beach!


That’s fun that you’ll be traveling with other couples. We are bringing our son to celebrate his college graduation and we are coming to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and my 50th ::slight_smile: b-day. We are also meeting my step-daughter there. She is coming because…well she’s just fun.

We are on a charter flight direct from Columbus to Punta Cana. Step-daughter is flying in from Kansas City and her flight is scheduled to land at 1:30 also. We’re taking whatever ground transportation was arranged by our travel agency. I guess we’re just supposed to look for people wearing orange uniforms holding Vacation Express signs and they will show us to our transportation.

So glad to hear the nice things you have to say about the resort and really appreciate your help! We’re getting so excited!


Sounds like a lot of planes arriving same time. When you exit airport with your bags there will be porters that will come up and want to take your bags. They will expect tip , but if you tell them or show them the paperwork they should lead you to where you want to go.
If you are ready for that first cold drink to the right when you exit airport you can run over and get a Presidente for the bus ride…highlight of my trip…lol


Sorry Bob, the Jet Lag bar is to the left when you exit :slight_smile:

And for a couple of bucks it’s well worth it to let the porters take care of your luggage.

Have fun everyone !!!


Thanks Deb…I don’t want to mess that part up…lol
Yes, using porters are worth it.


Thanks for all the tips! I will look to the left when I exit too. I’m excited to try Presidente. :slight_smile: