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Mayan Riviera: Grand Palladium or Blue Bay Esmlda?

Active couple, early 40’s, for 2 weeks over Xmas break…

Your opinions are most needed… thank you.

is there a big price difference???

Good question…

No, they are priced pretty much the same (~$150 difference per person)

If you are a beach person go to the Palladium

yes i agree, we are going to the palladium in Jan for 2 weeks and we were going to book the BBGE before that. I know lots of people that went there and loved it, they all say it is a awsome resort but the beach is terrible. Very murky, the sand is fine but the water very murky, this is due to a river that drains intot he ocean very close to the property. so if the winds are right then its bad. That wasn’t the main reason why we changed our decision as we are pool people but palladium had more to offer us as a faimly with a young child. either or i think you will have a excellent holiday with good service and food but you need to decided if the murky water will bother you or not…

hey i do hear from many others i know that have been say it is a excellent resort with awsome food, drinks and service plus great rooms and pools. SO i think you will still be happy there over all. BUT if you are really concerned about the beach i would see if you can change, they do allow it sometimes especially if the same tour company is offering them. It’s worth a try!

OK how do all of you post those counters?

:slight_smile: Go to Tickerfactory or 7910 or some other site where you can create your travel ticker. Create a ticker, cut and paste the BB code link you have created. Then, come into Debbies, go to your profile to “modify” it, past the BB code link for your ticker into the “signature” box in your profile.

Basic instructions. If you need /want more, just ask. :-*