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Mayor Rob Ford?

Has gone to the USA for rehab. ( booze & drugs ) Question should Cuba get into the rehab business for non Cubans ? They could do it a lot cheaper than the USA !

Gordon: it is not yet known if the mayor went to Chicago (his family has a business there) for rehab. It may have been just a stop while his private jet refueled or ??? Cuba has already gone into the drug rehab business. Normally in the Santiago area. A couple that come to mind (the ones I know of personally): Los Galeones and Costa Morena. Those resorts were shut down completely for the rehab projects and evidence that they were there are prominent.

Cuba will probably do it cheaper than the US, but as far as far as I know, they only do it for the ‘friendlies’. You know, Russia, China and Venezuela. So if Canada wanted to send their addicts to Cuba, it probably wouldn’t happen without major costs.

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Not far enough away.
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I second that emo-ticon, BJ :S

Cuba needs $$$$ to buy oil - why not contract prisons - drug / booze rehab. It is al about making $$$$$
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Michel says Ford in in the Don Lino resort ???

Rob Ford was rejected by U.S. Immigration, Michel heard that Ford waas going to the don Lino resort for treatment. Last weelend Michel rode his horse ThunderKing all over Guardavalaca shouting " Rob Ford Is coming !!! " He hopes to get the CDR Paul Revere medal for his warning call. Thunderking is very tired and has been put on a rest in a banana plantation and allowed all the bananas he wants.

This post made Google - Si !!!

Looks that way!

Doubt he’s at Don Lino though. Maybe he’ll stay “lost”. Article doesn’t say where he is.

Can’t believe he  is running again. Talk about super ego!


I believe that he could get good treatment in Cuba. Yes sure post made it 1st place in Google if you search for keyword “rob ford debbies” :slight_smile:

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