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Medical equip needed


PJT and wife had the joy of visiting a local public health clinic, Clinica Rural El Solado, to deliver some donated medical supplies brought here by some very generous Canadian friends.

It is good the government recognizes the need of medical health services for those who would not normally have access to any form of assistance.

However, the service is underfunded and austere compared to what are North American and European standards. We found the clinic wanting.

The chief medical officer, Dr. Rosi Cabrera, was pleased with our visit and the donated supplies. She asked if we could obtain some medical equipment the clinic is in acute need of:

  1. Blood pressure cuff. hospital grade, a used wall mounted and/or portable units.

  2. A nebulizer

  3. A glucometer(s) and related supplies.

  4. An exam table. The one in service now must be 1000 years old and ready to collapse.

PJT can be contacted at:


Your help would be appreciated.




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PJT - thank you for bringing to our attention of some needed items in the Punta Cana area. If we are contacted, we will be sure to mention these medical needs.

As far as miguelhardman - not sure what you are saying??? Are you donating dollars or equipment or just suggesting where people can buy them? PJT lives in the area and is a member of Rotary International - they help the people of the area as much as they can.

Olive Thompson, President
Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation


The thread is about 2 1/2 years old. PJT/Rotary were looking for donations of used equipment and don’t necessarily have the funds to purchase that much needed equipment. Actually, I haven’t seen PJT on the forum for a while. It would be interesting to know if any of the needed equipment was donated.


When we went in the spring of 2013, the company that I am employed with donated a blood pressure cuff, and we brought down a brand new glucometer with test supplies and other medical related items.


Excellent. Gracias.


Gosh - I usually look at the original post date but missed it this time.

WHAT is wrong with people - first post is to something so old??? Is that person a medical equipment salesperson???


Well. at the very least we found out that the loop had been closed. Sort of …


I guess they get option to promote their own product through the post …


Well, the people that donated didn’t get any promotion. As for the website promote, who knows???
Thanks again for the donations. Those medical supplies were badly needed.


Hi Bob I was thinking particularly about Reply #1 nobody else. People who donated thanks a lot!


Perfect! :slight_smile: