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Medical Facility Varadero?

Just wondering where the nearest medical facility is in Varadero? We’re staying at the Iberostar Playa Alameda, my son may have a peanut allergy (had a slight rxn this morning) - he’s one - so I’m taking an epi pen, however, if I need to use it, he does need to see a physician afterwards. If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it.

I think that the international hospital is located in downtown Varadero across the road from the Cuatro Palmas hotel. Also, some resorts claim to have a doctor on site.

If your son has an anaphylactic reaction to nuts he needs to be hospitalized for up to a day afterward for observation to ensure he doesn’t have a rebound reaction and his airway closes off again. Having been through this many times, I can tell you that the epipen only buys you about 20 minutes before you need to be in hospital for further treatment. I have no idea whether it’s safe to even use an epipen on a small child, so I would talk to your physician to get an emergency treatment plan for your son if he reacts (the first thing to do is usually to take an antihistamine) and then take all the drugs that might be necessary for his treatment with you.
These sorts of allergic reactions can get worse the second and third time around, and treatment is time sensitive.

Thanks for the replies. I do understand that if my son were to have the epi, he’d have to see medical attention - that’s why I was asking where the closest facility was lol. Luckily I’m a paramedic and have the training in dealing with epi, etc. The doctor at the hospital prescribed us a pen, so I’m sure it’s safe to use on my son. Thanks for the info though, I do appreciate it.