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Medical insurance


Okay, I haven’t been to Cuba in 3 years, when doing an online mock booking I get a message saying that I have to have proof of medical insurance upon arrival in Cuba. We are insured (more than adequate unlimited coverage including unlimited evacuation to Canada) through DHs employer and we have a laminated card with an employee number but no names on it - is this adequate proof or do we need something that shows all of our names?


I think what you need is called a “Cuba letter”. We are covered by our Scotiagold card and they emailed us a letter explaining our coverage. You would need this in the unlikely event that they ask with the intent of trying to get you to buy Cuba medical coverage. The card maybe enough but if I was you I’d ask for a letter from your provider.


I don’t know that they are even asking for proof of insurance but if they do your OHIP card is sufficient proof.


I don’t think they’ve asked Canadians for a while but make sure you have a direct (not 800) phone number to call from Cuba and understand that if you are drinking and fall down, you may/probably will be denied coverage.
You will be denied, and following that, may have no coverage to get you home. The non-drinking coverage from credit cards is dirt cheap. The all-inclusive coverage is best booked through your insurance broker. Check with your Group and Credit Card companies. The last thing you want is a $20,000 bill before they authorize to fly your body home.
For medical coverage, take a Canadian credit card and get the invoices in English with a pre-okay’d services call. Just like anywhere else in the world.


Thanks for the responses. I researched further and found on the Canadian gov’t travel website that OHIP card is sufficient.

Spunky, maybe you didn’t read through my OP but we have unlimited 100% medical and evacuation coverage through my husband’s employer which is much superior to buying coverage from a travel supplier. There is a direct worldwide (call collect) number on the card.


Just renewing this thread for those who don’t have Canadian Medical insurance connections or for those who plan to stay in Cuba beyond their 2 or 3 week travel insurance coverage.

No reports here or on the other forums of anyone being checked for coverage except:
Cuban Americans
US citizens
Non AI visitors from the US or elsewhere married to Cubans
Anyone renewing a visa while in Cuba.

Cheers :wink:


Here is an example summary of the coverage of SunLife Company Insurance Canada.

As your out of country coverage is provided by Europ Assistance, it is mandatory to contact them before receiving emergency services, or as soon as possible afterwards. If Europ Assistance is not contacted, payment may be denied or limited for all expenses related to those emergency services. Europ Assistance can advise you of a clinic/hospital close by, arrange for the billing to come directly to them, and can make sure that you are receiving proper medical care during your emergency.
You may reach Europ Assistance using the following numbers: In the USA and Canada, call: 1 800 511-4610, In Mexico, call: 001 800 368-7878, Elsewhere, call collect: (202) 296-7493. [b]In Cuba, call collect by reaching an international operator (dial 66-12-12) and ask to be connected to 1-202-296-7493.

(Look’s like a Washington, DC. area code)