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Medication in Carry On?


Do you still carry your “medication” (immodium and other over the counter stuff) in your carry on - just putting gels and liquids into the checked baggage?


I think you could, but we only carry the prescribed meds on board. I can live without my vitamins but you are right, immodium may be in demand if your bags were lost!


Air Transat recommends you carry meds in your carry-on,in there original containers to prevent security concerns.

Also effective Nov 6 2006 the maximum quantity of liquids,gels and aerosols permitted in carry-on baggage has been increased to 100ml/100gm(3.4oz) per container. These items must be placed in one clear closed and re-sealable plastic bag no larger than one liter(one quart). Limit one bag per person, must be removed from carry-on luggage and placed separately in a screening bin at airport security.
This info is from Air Transat web-site under baggage.
I would suggest checking individual airlines web-sites for info
posted on restricted goods. :sunglasses:


We were told that we could not take our tylenols / immodiums on the plane. Only prescription drugs. Hey then made us dump out my son’s milk bottle, even though it says milk is allowed for children. Boy was I mad and my poor baby crying!!!


I had tylenol, pepto, immodium, and gravol, as well as all prescriptions in my carry on when we left in December, as well as when we returned last night. Didn’t have a problem either direction.