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2 questions: I’ve been thinking about taking some pain relievers down to Varadero for St. Elvira’s church. Our local rexall drugstore has some real good prices right now on aspirin, tylenol etc. the problem is that they are the large size bottles. Will the priest dole out to the needy or should I be taking the smaller bottles?
Question 2: I have a lot of clothes that I’ve outgrown. Problem,
they are quite fancy. Should I bother taking these to the church, or should I just give them to the animation team at the resort?

Hi ginadan,
I’m pretty sure you will get some links to charities and advice on what to do.

My advice is to take as much generic stuff as you want. Sealed is best. Let the locals/churches do the due diligence in distributing it. Most have the support of several MD’s who usually supervise the health needs of about 300 families each.
It’s a great health care system that puts much more emphasis on prevention and regular checkups than on expensive drugs and interventions.
Worst that can happen is, you get some customs guy, who would rather have the state handle the distribution. Goes to the same people in the end. St. Elvira’s will get your next years delivery…
Fidel and his buddies don’t use generic, do they?

It is not at all a problem to bring large size bottles of over-the-counter medications to Father Bastarache at St. Elvira’s Church. You are correct that he will be able to ensure distribution as needed, so you don’t need to worry about that at all.

Yes, you can give the clothes to the church as well. There would certainly be many Cubans who live away from the resorts who will be delighted to receive some fancy clothes!

Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

Happy Vacation! :slight_smile:

Hola Ginadan

You can go to the dollar store and buy a package of 50 extra small resealable bags so when the medication is handed out by the Doctors they have something to put them in.

You can also go to the pharmacy and ask for small pill bottles and bring some of them with you as well if you would like.

That is very kind of you to bring medication as well as clothes to Cuba for the less fortunate. I am sure all of it will be very much appreciated. :wink:

Have a great vacation.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Great idea,
Bring small pill bottles. Try to get them donated by your pharmacy.
Is there a national group like “Not Just Tourists” who have a deal with a national franchise like Pharmasave or Shoppers, where we can go in and get these pill bottles?
I always leave lots of zip-lock bags too.