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Medicines/ why do I take so many

does anybody else take as much stuff with as we do, gravol, imodium, pepto. bug spray after bite, neosporium, Tums gaviscon bandage , Tylenol,ceramic crazy glue( crown on tooth came off)hard to find in the D. R. the list seems to go on and on. isn’t this over precaution. we have a shoe box full I not kidding and we don’t even take daily prescription meds . if we forget something , that just what we will need. Do other tourist take all this stuff or do you all go on a wing and a pray.

we take everything except the ceramic crazy glue. I hope we are not alone.

my last trip we took everything and anything you could think of and honestly i think we used everything at least once. the list we had was ridiculous but i would rather have it and not use it then not have it and need it. the prices of some of the things to purchase there are just too high. the one thing we forgot - bought it but some how it got left behind - was cold medicine and we could have really used it. we did find some in the gift shop but it was money we shouldnt have needed to pay

eltigre62, you are not alone. Like you and Jetti, we pack almost everything and hope we don’t need it, but more often than not you will. We too didn’t pack cough medicine and I got one heck of a lousy cold on December 23rd and couldn’t stop coughing. Bought some medicine at the cost of $11 US for a bottle that lasted all of 3 days (stretching it). Just pack it all and hope you don’t use it all. And, hopefully your crown wont come off again as I have experienced that and it aint pretty when all you wanna do on vacation is smile (so yes, pack that too, just in case). ;D and have a wonderful vacation.

We pack a lot of stuff too, but there’s getting to be a fine line between buying needed stuff in the DR or paying luggage overweight charges. ::slight_smile:


I take all that and more :o

I also take some form of wrap for sprains, last 3 times I hav given to other tourists…also take a sling,
I take eye drops,nose drops,orajel,canker remedy,antihistamine,alcohol swabs, antibiotic Ung,Hydrocortisone cream…
mega first aid kit, that I could do minor surgery with… ;D ::)…
Lets see ice packs,and yes, crazy glue, good for broken straps on shoes…LOL…Or broken teeth :o

We also pack a full first aid kit with bandages, wraps, ointments, creams, biteaway, hydrogen peroxide… and even one of those snap icepacks… also include tweezers, mini scalpel, clippers, scissors etc Also include must haves like Imodium, allergy meds, and neocitran…nothing worse than a summer cold on vacation.

When we leave, we just leave it behind… most items you pick up in dollarama or get them give to you anyways… and the schools and orphanages appreciate the gift as well.

a few things that we bought along with the usual meds and thought we were crazy for were - frebreze, tide stick, baby powder, tea light candles and lighter. we acutally wound up using each and every item that we bought with us and the items that we didnt need to be brought back home were left in the room so that the maid can take them and use if she needed.

the tide stick and frebreze may seem usless but you would be surprised. who wants to wash clothes while on vacation to keep a stain from setting?? and the febreze is handy when you happen to smell like and ashtray but want to continue to wear the article of clothing.

We also bring the same things, just in case. We have had the stuff for so long have go check the expire dates ever so often.

Sure wish i would have brought some crazy glue on our trip last year. Ended up costing me a few dollars, my crown broke (frontbottom) and I ended up swallowing it. :stuck_out_tongue: Very embarrassing and made 2weeks seem so long… especially when we met new friends. LOL we still had fun.

I take all the stomach meds, pain reliever, a first aid kit which includes polysporin along with some drops that work for both the eyes and the ears. I also take an assortment of feminine hygiene products with me. I have shared my OTC meds with many fellow travelers and it amazes me that people don’t allow for things such as a headache. On my last trip to the DR, I developed a bad blister from my sandals and I was glad I had the polysporin and band-aids with me. I have been known to leave my meds with a fellow traveler who became ill and I have found that the women on the animation team are very appreciative of the other products.

wow…i thought I was taking alot with Pepto, Immodium, bug spray, aloe vera, tanning spray and some advil…at least I know to go and see BIG RED if I need anything on my next trip! ;D

I am the same as everyone above…all the stuff has been used either by us or by another vacationer. Like MissyD, hubby developed a severe cold in 2007 while at GV-POP…had to purchase cough med at the Plaza. This year, cough med is being packed.

Don’t forget the Duct Tape. Great if you bust a zipper on your luggage.

That happened to my friend a couple of years ago and it cost $11 US in the supermarket. Phil told us later that he could have bought it cheaper but we didn’t know better at the time.

We take a couple of extra things that have come with experience… we get a prescription filled for a generic antibiotic incase one of us gets something that obviously needs an antibiotic…we have used them only once… when the fever was hard to control by the tylenol… so it paid off… we also tuck away a package of medicated blistex… sunburned lips are hard to manage! ehhe

As well as all the usual over the counter meds I have a prescription for Cipro in case of something like Norwalk virus making the rounds. So far I’ve never had to use it. This time round I’ve added some blister prevention stuff and special blister bandages. I often get nasty foot blisters when on holiday so I’m being proactive.

We take pretty much all of the above too, not so much because of the price, but just to have it handy for ourselves or other. I don’t care about the legalities, they are non-prescription and are in my checked luggage so if they somehow end up being “lost” oh well, we won’t die without them.

To cut down on space, I put each of the medications (ie. Tylenol, Imodium, Pepto tablets, Tums, T3s, Cold/Flu, Gravol, Sucrets, etc. all in those little ziplock baggies from Dollarama, they measure about 3" x 1.5" and use my labeller to print off labels to put on each little baggie then pop them all into a larger baggie. You’d be amazed at how much space that saves and how convenient it is to have all medications in one little spot.

Good idea with the baggies - I need to add cold meds to my packing list - perish the thought of suffering from a cold on the beach!

Oh yes!! Between the other couple we travel with we could open our own pharmacy! 2 years ago while in Rivera maya it seemed every day something different happened to me. I fell at the ruins spraining my ankle, twisting my knee and hurting my back. NO PROBLEM! We had an ankle support, ace bandage and prescription pain killers and muscle relaxants. Then I stepped on a broken coconut shell cutting open my foot. NO problem! Had plenty of antibototic creams and bandages. Went into the ocean and stepped on a rack bruising my heel something aweful. Last year we both had the cold from Hades…had plenty of cold meds. In Puerto Cana picked up Giradia…had plenty of Immodium until we got home and got approriate antibotics. Drink to much? Gravol works wonders!! Wore new earrings…my lobes got horrible infections!! ALcohol wipes saved the day! In Mexico got stung by some type of sea microbes…Vichey skin repair took out the burn! Hubby also always packs his Gerber Multi-tool in his checked bags. We have used it EVERY YEAR!! ALSO for people who are bait for biting flies DEET DOES NOT REPEL biting flies! There is another type of repellent that needs to be used. I can’t remember the name but will be looking it up here in a minute and will post.

We bring tons of stuff too! We almost always travel with our kids so I like to be prepared! Another thing I bring is a can of gatorade powder in case 1 of us gets sick (vomitting) and we need to keep hydrated. What annoys me is that I end up throwing out alot of the stuff due to the expiry dates and sometimes we haven’t even used it! Oh well…better prepared than not!