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Meds donations to DR

Spoke with my family physician, he would be more than glad to give us some sample packs etc…but he was told there is alot of problems getting them thru customs etc…

Anyone from BTBCF or another member here familiar with the red tape involved?

I know my own person meds, that I take an extra prescription with me for each medication we take with us.

Thanks in advance guys and gals…

Get a letter from the doctor and also one from someone associated with a clinic or relief organization in the D.R. They most likely will not be asked for but be safe. Please no oxicoten or the like. If they are considered drugs not to be resold… you may find yourself in a “free, Dominican All inclusive”.

You will not have any problems with over the counter medications, place them in your checked luggge but anything that would require a perscription like oxicoten…forget it as Jahaira says.