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Melia Caribe or Majestic Colonial?

We, family of 4 kids are 13 and 11, were planning on booking one of the Grand Palladium resorts for the last 2 weeks of Feb but its a no go.

So…we are down to selecting one of the Melia Caribe or Majestic Colonial. Given we are a family and going for 2 weeks…any suggestions/advice.

Thanks again all!
Brad. ???

Well…from our experience at Melia with our 2 kids around the same ages as yours (we started going when the kids were 10 and 12, and they are now 14 and 16 and begging to go) it is the way to go. There are a lot of activities on the resort to do, as well as many places within walking distance (and not tooo exhausting or booooring for that age group) to do as well. There is a new “mall” just across the street with a Hard Rock Cafe. There is a giant slide just up the beach, as well as a zip line, trampoline thingy, and a wall climbing thingy on the resort property. There is a gaming room.
There are enough restaurants at the resort that you could not possibly be bored of the food, and the shows are slightly different from week to week so you wouldn’t be seeing the same thing twice.
I keep saying I should stop recommending the Melia Caribe Tropical so that we can keep it to ourselves, but…I can’t help myself.

I have been to Majestic Colonial and loved it but I did not see all that many kids.
There is a kids club but it seemed to be for the very little ones. If the kids like to swim or play on the beach any resort in the DM is fine but if they like to meet other kids and participate in games or like more kids orientated swimming pools I would not suggest Majestic even though it is a wonderful resort. It just does not seem to focus on entertaining teenagers.

I have to agree with RobandStacey…been to the Melia 2X and took my 13 yr old with me. He had a blast. so much food to choose from and yes he liked going to the mall, and of course the swim up bar for pepsi in his own Bubba!! SHHHHHHHH Rob it’s our little secret resort from now on ok.

PEPSI !!! Did I just read the magic word??? I love resorts that have Pepsi… Mixes better :slight_smile:

I can hardly wait. I have read so much about the Melia and it all gets me excited about going…

Thanks all…if we choose the Melia, any suggestions on room location requests? We would be staying in a family suite and really like to be close to the beach/pools but would like a room not at ground level.

thanks again.

By family suites do you mean Royal Service?

Not sure if Royal Service is an option with kids and a family suite???

So I can’t answer your question. Can you answer for both?


The RS section is all suites. None are near the beach, most are right near the RS pool and restaurant. There is a tram to take you to the beach etc.
If you are on the Melia side, I would recommend buildings 2,3 15,16.
If you are on the Caribe side, I would recommend buildings 24,25,35,36.