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Melia Caribe Questions...please!

We are headed to the Melia in a couple of weeks for 14 nights, and I just had a few questions I am hoping someone can answer…

  • do they have coin operated laundry available or is there an other option that does not involved the resort service$$$?

  • is a room safe in the room, I merely have to pay for the lock/key? How big is the safe or safety deposit box

  • what rooms/building to request if we want to be closest to the beach and on a second or third floor…we are not royal service

  • I see conflicting reports on how to book reservations for the al a carte restaurants…what’s the real scoop on doing this?

  • is it worth trying to ask for a free upgrade when checking in at this time of the year?

  • how far from the punta cana airport to the resort, timewise?

  • anything else you can tell us to make our stay most enjoyable would be appreciated.

Thanks very much for those who take the time to respond.

I stayed at the Melia Caribe in September 2007 so I will try to answer your questions to the best of my memory :wink:

There is an in room safe. You have to pay for it and can set that up with the front desk.

We were in building 26 and IMO it was an amazing spot. Very close to a train spot, a pool right behind your building (we were about 30 steps to the pool). It’s to too close to the beach though. I’d say it took us 3 minutes to walk to the beach.

If I remember correctly the bys ride was about 25 minutes. It wasn’t long at all.

It’s a fantastic resort! We had a great time! The food was good, staff was wonderful and the pool was the best part! I’d go back without a single hesitation!

We stayed at the Melia about 3 years ago and would agree with Amanda -awesome resort -would stay again no problem. I don’t remember paying for the in room safe but this could be new -good size. The trains go through the resort frequently so no issues getting around -we used to ride the train in the evening just to relax on our way to dinner but other than that we walked everywhere. We were in room 3301 -bottom floor which was quite close to the beach and pool. The pool is amazing! The lobby bar is alot of fun and we stopped in each evening -really busy so you have to get your seats and stay put if want to keep them. You will have a great time!!

I was there in 2007 and 2008 so hope I can answer some of your questions. Not sure about laundry services as I always bring an extra shirt and pants/shorts just in case. The safe is electronic and costs $2 per day and is a decent size. There are only 2 floors in the bungalows and it would depend on whether you want to be near the pool/ocean or the restaurants/lobby. It is a 12-15 min walk from the ocean to the lobby. They don’t pre-assign rooms, when you arrive politely request the area you would like to be, and they will show you a map of the resort to help you choose. They will not upgrade you for free at all !!. Booking ala cartes, call at 9:30 am and request your restaurant and time. If nothing is available , call back around 3pm as things open up. Its about 20-25 mins from the airport.

hi brad.
We just got back SUnday from Melia Caribe…

  1. didnt really see or hear of a coin-operated laundry. .but there were bags in the room if you wanted to send out stuff to be washed. ( didnt notice the prices)
  2. There is a safe in the room. quite big… It cost us $2/ day…it is not with a key, but you just set up your 4 digit pin number, and your set. .quite easy.
  3. we were in bldg. 27… maybe a 1 min. walk to pool… 2 min. to beach. and train stop ( to get around resort ) was just outside our bldg. There are two ‘disney like’ trains that are always going. to get around resort… pretty cool.
    check this site out for a map. http://www.puntacana-travelguide.com/meliacaribetropicalpuntacanaresortmap.html
    but bldgs. 24-36 are quite close to beach.
  4. no issues for booking ala carte… 10 restaurants. just call the day before… Japanese is the only difficult one…
  5. resort is about 15 min. from airport BUT. it took us about 40. due to . 2 other stops ( at IFA Bavaro Villas. and Barcelo Bavaro). and all the friggin speed bumps !

One thing i found with their booze… im a vodka or rum drinker… and i really couldnt taste the booze even tho they poured a generous amount in my glass. I noted they had Russian Vodka, and Barcelo Rum behind the bar. I asked for one of those with my cranberry juice, or Club soda, or diet pepsi, and WOW… what a difference… also.pack your own mug… ie. a Tim horton’s mug or something like that. (not as many trips to bar, and it’ll keep them colder longer. Beer is Presidente… very nice.

If you or yours likes to shop. take the 5 min. walk from the lobby to the Palma Real mall. its a very modern mall with a Hard Rock
any other questions… plse done hesitate to email me…

i sent you a PM! ;D :smiley:

We are staying @ the Melia March 20-28th.

Curious about the water sports ? Should we bring our own life vests and snorkeling equipment ?

Anyone use the internet ?

you can use there computers for internet for a fee. its like $5 for 15 mins around there. or buy wireless time for your own laptop for about 1/3 of the price.

water sports. volleyball, polo, people just messing around with balls and stuff.

There is a giant waterslide on the beach. each ride down is $1. you can get more if you negotiate. They sell you standard elastic band. the brown ones you buy at the dollar store. some people there that knew just brought a few of there own and added them to there purchase.

they have life vest and snorkel stuff. i think you pay for it and it looked old and well used.

as for the resort. it is huge. its getting old and is in need of a face lift. as it is right now I would call it a 3+ star at best. Food was good. Service was bad from who you would think would give you good service and then people out of no where would give good service to you. ie: people driving around stopping and giving you a ride.Pool is nice, lots of trees around so you can always find shade. problem with that was you had to move around a bit to stay in the sun. Rooms. were old. all furnishings were old and run down. just need a upgrade in the room.

Over all we had a nice trip. We made the most of our time there. Would I go back…not to this resort but to Punta Cana…100% YES.

Too bad you didn’t have an amazing time. :frowning:
I disagree with many of your points, but everyone has a different perception of things.
We always bring our own snorkel gear because we walk away from the resort and go snorkeling elsewhere. You can use theirs for free for 1/2 hour time slots.
The catamarans, kayaks, and pedal boats are rented for 1/2 hour, and you have to sign up for a time. They are all free as well.
You do have to pay for the rock climbing wall, zip line, and bungee jumping thingy, but the fee is not huge. I can’t recall the exact pricing.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
We will be back to Melia Caribe March 21-28th. Woohoo!! ;D

we will be next door at the ifa how far a walk is it to palma real mall? or is it down the same road as the melia?

Roband Stacey. We did have a good time. Were we there with friends for a wedding and we all had a good time. I don’t regret anything while there. there were a few things I expect to be better with the prices they charge and the star rating they claim to have.

What I am saying is that it is a resort that is getting old and is need of a facelift really soon. I am sure it will get done in due time.

As for the service, it was no where near what we have received elsewhere. We have travel to lots of AI resorts and this was the worst service we have received. Maybe I have just been spoiled elsewhere. People here didn’t seem to care. All they looked for was a tip. Thats how out entire group felt not just us. there was 20 of us there.

As for resort location. you can’t beat it. Beautiful beach, close to the airport. I think any resort with in 45 mins is great. I hate the long bus ride after a long plane ride. but on the other side it is nice to see the country. just not after a long plane ride.

My wife and I travel enough to know how to enjoy ourselves. So these little things don’t wreck our vacation. We both look forward to going back to Punta Cana and will do so again soon.

Enjoy your trip…

I had an absolutely amazing time at The Melia and found the service and accomodations amazing. We did stay on the Caribe side in Royal Service (1-bedroom master suite) though. Maybe this is the difference…because I can’t figure out where this place requires a “face lift”. Our room was over the top! I also found the dining and lobby areas to be above par as well.
Out of curiosity for those disappointed…did you have the royal service option?

We did have the option but for that much extra it wasn’t worth it for us. We spend little time in the room anyways.

Our room was old. bed was 10 years old. and all furnishing. bathroom was old and run down.

Royal service rooms are all the new rooms. i am talking about the standard rooms. We had people in block 32 - 36.

The walkways are all worn away. the paint they put on needed to be re-done.

maybe I am use to a resort that is just a class above.

sounds like you need to stick to new resorts…some resorts can’t replace furniture year after year because you think it looks old…sorry but I have been twice and is fine with me…think of guest after guest using the room, some not caring after it like home, but trashing it. Walkways, so what, no paint…rain and wear and tear does wash it away, will it bother me…NO

Its funny how people have there resorts. All I am doing is giving my opinion. Its funny how on these boards people will defend a place no matter what. First they say all is great, then go out and say who cares about the furniture.

All I have said is that this is no 4+* resort. If they took better care of it maybe it could be.

I know some guests do not respect the place and thats a fact of life.

If I have offended you Barriebrian I am sorry. But I am only saying how I feel it is at this resort.

Punta Cana is a beautiful place I look forward to returning to, just to a resort that is up to standards they claim.

The Palma Real mall is directly opposite Melia, on the same road. Your best bet is to walk along the beach, and either cut up to the road at the Jellyfish or even through Melia if they let you. It would be about a 10 minute beach walk, and then another 10 minutes or so to get through the resort. Or you could take a 5 minute (tops) taxi.

I wouldn’t suggest cutting through The Melia if you are not a guest or have purchased a day/night pass. They won’t take too kindly to trespassing.

I dunno. We’ve never had a problem going on our own little tours of other resorts. As long as you’re not trying to eat or drink anything.
I have had to use the facilities, and we even ask for directions, when we were on a long beach walk. Never a problem.