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Melia Caribe Questions


Hello all,

I have booked my wedding at the Melia Caribe for Jan 2013, and with this much time to plan I am hoping to get some help because even though I am getting married down south I am not willing to compromise anything for my wedding day!

First question: I have heard mixed reviews about the onsite wedding photographers, does anyone have information on local photographers in the DR that you can hire outside of the resort? I am looking into bringing someone from my home town but not sure if that is affordable. Pictures are a huge concern for me!

Secondly, I have a group size between 40-70 people so does the resort assist with placing people close together on the resort or are people scattered? If our room is upgraded does that change the location of the room at all? What is the difference between royal service and non royal service, like what does that give you??

Where is best to hold the cocktail party, and does the pictures of the bridal party take place while your guests are at the cocktail party?

Has anyone booked their reception at the Tropical Convention center? Any thoughts on the location of that venue and what to do with your guests afterwards to keep the party going? Not sure if I want to invest in a DJ.

Any opinions about the colour of wedding dress? I am having trouble picking between a white ivory and white, because the garden gazebo is white and not sure if the ivory will clash?

Would appreciate any thoughts!!!


Can’t help you with those specific questions at Melia Caribe, but 3 points: 1) At Fiesta Palladium it’s definitely a different level of service between Royal Suites and the other 3 hotels on property. If your guests are scattered among different rooms and “levels” of service, might be tough to get everyone together at times during your stay. 2) I’ve heard that there are some very good photographers in Bavaro. Do your research same as you would at home

Congrats and enjoy your day.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I would double check on the photograher cost to bring your own into the resort. Some hotels will charge you a $1000 or more to bring an outside photographer in to the resort.


Hello, everyone! We decided to get our wedding in Melia Caribe too, but now we don’t know where to begin! First of all, how do I contact Melia to book a wedding and get a quote?


Hi Krystrahan and Golinka!
We just got married at Melia Caribe in April 2012 and it was wonderful!!! We chose to have our reception on La Barcaza so I can’t recommend any reception pointers, but I can help out on the ceremony part. (see my review of La Barcaza in that section)
We chose to get married in the Garden Gazebo which was so pretty! There is a nice breeze that blew through so it kept everyone from being too hot. Heinicy was our wedding coordinator and she was really easy to work with. The decorations were simple but not much is needed because the backdrop is gorgeous! She used my wedding color to integrate throughout and handed out my programs to each attendant. She made sure that everyone got their flowers as well before I made my entrance.
I had a playlist on my Ipod that I wanted to have played while everyone was waiting and she made sure of that which made me really happy! She also started our exit song promptly which I hadn’t planned on but glad she recommended it because it was so impactful for the moment! (we played Halo by Beyonce)
You get a champagne toast right after the ceremony which they have all set up and pop the cork right after they announce you. The guests really enjoy this b/c they want to spend time with you right away! Traditional weddings in the US have the bride & groom exit immediately so I personally enjoyed hugging and laughing with everyone right away.
The photographer that we used is the one set up by Melia. Our photographer was Martin and I can’t speak for the others, but he was great! Our pictures are beautiful!!! (and I am really picky about photography!) We chose to only order the CD, which you get two copies and the rights too. You can also order more after you leave by contacting them so if you want to pay for a package but then realize there is other pictures you want to get, that is doable. Martin was really funny! He was earlier than we were told he’d be so keep that in mind. So to answer your question, I would not worry about the quality of the photos from the company Melia provides, but you could always price shop if you wanted. But if you do that, you may end up getting not so good photos.
Golinka, in order to contact Melia weddings, email asistente.bodas.melia.caribe@meliacaribetropical.com
That goes to Laura Kreutz and she will get the ball rolling for you. Don’t worry if it takes a few days to hear back. That is normal. when your day gets closer, the communication will be prompt.
Krystrahan, my dress was a light ivory. It was beautiful!!! I would hands down suggest royal service!! This was our 2nd time to Melia Caribe and I can not imagine what it would be like without royal service!!! We negotiated that upon arrival but we only had 18 guests/11 rooms. Our guests have to pay that extra upon arrival so with a group of your size, you may not want to try that. Laura can get you in touch with Angelica that handles room bookings. You are responsible for a certain percentage to block off rooms but again, with that many people that may be the easiest for you. Royal Service gives you a butler, room service, access to private pool, beach, bar and restaurant. The bars at these private areas carry top shelf liquor (the public do not). And they are not as crowded. The private restaurant is open all the time and you do not have to have reservations (which is really convenient sometimes after long days of drinking, etc)
The butler will transport you from place to place (the resort is HUGE), make reservations and excursions for you, and much more if you tip them well! Our butler, Leo, drew us a bubble bath multiple times, as well as picked me up for massages in the morning with an espresso in hand!! You don’t get that with out Royal service! (the better you tip, the more they do)
This was a long reply. Hope it helped! Let me know if you have any more questions :o)
From a happy bride and a happy wife,


Hello everyone, I am planning to wed at the Melia in Oct 2013, a bit nervous about planning from afar. Trying to find out who their photographer is (company name). I did see the examples and books and it was very nice. Wanted the privacy at the garden Gazebo versus a Gazebo on the beach at the Barcelo Palace which was my next choice was afraid of the possibility of others getting in the pictures and noise level. Any suggestions? Thank you. THe reviews so far have been very helpful.