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Melia Caribe Tropical - El Guarapo or Ma Maison?

Hi all - I am new to these boards. I was recommened here by a fellow poster!! Thanks Lindsey!

So word on the street is that there are many Melia Caribe Tropical brides on here…how very exciting!!

My FI and I are doing the Tides package which includes a dinner at either El Guarapo of Ma Maison after ther ceremony (this is in lieu of a reception in one of the private halls) Any recommendations for which one?

Hey Natalie! Glad to see you made it over to here too!!! I would post this question on the “East Coast” board too- a lot of people there have been to the Melia, and you can probably get an answer there too…HTH!


I would definately recommand the Dominican El Gurapo Restaurant over Ma Maison. Here’s why:
-The Dominican Restaurant is a lot more private as there is a room which is pretty much seperate from the rest of the restaurant and it will feel more intimate in that section
-Mamaison is completely open concept and it will not feel private
-We ate at both the restaurants and the Dominican food was much better (all 30 of our guests agreed, Ma Maison, was simply okay.

Good luck

I was leaning towards El Gurapo just b/c well I’m not that big a fan of frenchish food. El Gurapo it is!! Thanks!

And when in Rome…