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Melia Caribe Tropical - El Guarapo or Ma Maison

Thoughts on either the El Guarapo or Ma Maison restaurants at the Melia Caribe Tropical?


both are good depending on what you are looking for

I would like to hear more details about the specialty restraunts at the Melia…

Anyone who’s been there…post your thoughts…


I loved the chinese and the american ala carts…friends loved the seafood restaurant


I am having my reception dinner at one of these restaurants after my wedding ceremony on the beach. What did you think of each of them?

depends on your party…if you want steak…go to the American grill…if you wish a specialty dinner go to the french restaurant…we loved also the chinese but to each there own

Thanks for the help barriebrian!

My family all loved Ma Maison when we were there followed very closely with the American. The atmosphere in Ma Maison, was more along the line of candlelight…while American was much like what you would find in a diner.

Just my opinion.

Best thing to do, once you arrive, is get the wedding coordinator to take you to each restaurant and have a look inside at the atmosphere and also the menu. It might look romantic, but if your party won’t eat the food…LOL

Ma Maison, is a little more upscale in its service style. The servers are in black and whites. The menu items include lobster bisque, filet mignon, duck a l’orange etc.
El Guarapo is more family style. The servers are dressed in traditional Dominican outfits. Menu items includes stews and heartier dishes.
Both are very good.

Sounds like they are all good… I am ready to go now…

Yeah really…whose hungry!!!

Me…I am always hungry…