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Melia Caribe Wedding Deposit


Does anyone know the deposit and the Judge fee work. Do I send one check for both together ($790.00) or are they to be paid separately. One the the Melia ($300.00) deposit and one to the Judge ($490.00). Any help would be great. I have all the instructions to where it need to be sent. I just would like some clarification as to the $$$$$


You are being asked to pay in advance ? Is this another new change for 2007 ? When we got married last May we paid for everything after we were at the resort. As a matter of fact we made all the final wedding plans and payment literally less than 24 hours before our wedding.


iam going to breezes so they doesn’t effect you but we don’t pay till we arrive. we arrive sunday night, meet the wedding planner monday morning and we pay her then. talk to the wedding planner



We got married at the Melia on the 11th of January this year and we didn’t pay anything until we met with Lilianna. That really must be relatively new. :slight_smile: I really think you better get a hold of Lilianna for that one.




Since you are getting married in 3 months it won’t make a difference if you pay a deposit now or pay the full balance when you get to the resort. Melia resort has increase the wedding package for 2007 already and it probably won’t chance again until 2008.

Don’t stress about paying the deposit. I paid it because I wanted to make sure the wedding date was confirmed. I dealt directly with the Resort, so I was required to pay a 30% deposit to hold my wedidng date. If you go through a Travel Agent they request the resort to hold the date for you without making a down payment. Once your wedding date is confirmed by the resort you will be find.

I hope this helps. If you still want to send the deposit it’s 30% down payment of the wedding package price. This is included in the wedding package e-mail the WC sent.


Let me know the outcome of the deposit


Thanks for all the advice. Our TA said not to worry about the deposit because we booked through her. The email I received from Lilana said we are for sure booked for the wedding on June 16th. But her attachment with the price was a generic one she must send to all inquiries if your booked with a TA or not. I did email her back with a few questions and she said we can wait to pay the $490.00 when we get there. I’m not going to worry about it. What happen-happens.