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Melia Caribe Wedding July 2009

I sent you an email :slight_smile:

I am getting married 07/10/09 at Melia

I feel the same way … I have approx 150 people attending and after reading some of these blogs I feel as if I may have made a mistake with Melia

I want to know about options for dinner not just one protein?
I want to know about my cake options?

My travel coordinator is telling me not to worry but I want to know… I don’t want all these people to travel and find a disorganized wedding

Please let me know what you find out

Hi everyone =] I am new to this site but am also very happy to have found it!!

I am getting married at Melia on July 19, 2009.

pierrebride09 - I was told by my travel agent that if over 50 guests are attending you have the option to do a buffet style reception - which offers a great variety of plates. We are opting to do that. The one-dish option for a sit down dinner was NOT going to work for us!!

I have had the date set at Melia for over 5 months but now am getting nervous as well…

Does anyone have pictures - or was anyone able to get pictures - of the beach wedding set up?? I am back and forth between having a beach ceremony or gazebo ceremony…I am depending on pictures to make the final decision…

Any help??

I have some pics that the Melia sent me, what’s your email address?

nataliejp519 - I’ve sent you a private message with my email. Thanks a million - I appreciate the help =D

I will be at Melia July 06, 2009 to July 13, 2009… are any of you going to be there during that time period?

We will be there from the 1st to the 9th!

I saw your post on the other Melia site…feel free to PM me with your email I will send you all the info, prices, menus etc…I was very frustrated at first (as you can see by the first post in this board) but now I could not be happier with the Melia…I will send you whatever info I have and let you know how I sorted out my mess (or what I perceived to be a mess) with the Melia.

Great hopefully we can meet each other… then you can tell me the truth about the whole wedding planning meeting that happens a couple of days before the wedding…

I will send you a PM

Pierre- keep us updated on what you hear back!!!

I will be at Melia from Aug 26-Aug 31 are any other brides there at the same time? I know it’s Hurricane season but I am use to traveling around this time and it usually is not to bad the storms seem to go one year off and another on last year was a stormy year so I expect this year to be a good one.

I hope so, I am getting married in October. Still hurricane season. Fingers crossed for a good year.