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Melia Caribe wedding!


Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I have lots of questions :smiley:

I am planning my wedding for the end of July in 2007 at the Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana. I can’t find many pics of the resort so if anyone has any one weddings there or of the resort send them to me please :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what the weather is like there is July? I have heard nothing but good things about this resort…if anyone has any stories (good or bad) please let me know. Since this is my first time in the Dominican if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it. Thanks for everything


First welcome to Debbies and second congratulations on your upcoming wedding. If you go to Debbies front page and click under Wedding reviews there are a couple of reviews about weddings that were held there. All of them said it was fabulous I do believe.
As for the weather in July… one word hot
P.S. I guess our invitation is in the mail. LOL :sunglasses:


I’m getting married at the Melia Caribe too!!! There doesn’t seem to be too many of us. I found it hard as well to get some information. The other poster is right, go to debbies carribean reviews andthere are 2 postings with pictures and reveiews. Also if you go to www.webshots.com and type in melia caribe wedding, there is a girls wedding pictures posted. What sold me on this place was the gazebo. I think it is one of the few resorts where it will be more private. It looks awesome. I’m so excited. My wedding isn’t until March 2007.


Thanks Catherine…Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!! Your right in the fact that there doesn’t seem to be many of us of there and I am also having trouble finding info out there. Have you been in contact with the hotel concerning your wedding yet? I haven’t. I’ve emailed them but still waiting for a reply. ::slight_smile: The shots that I have seen of the hotel and of the gazebo are beautiful :smiley: That is also one of the reasons why I wanted to have the wedding there. Do you have any idea how much the wedding package is there? I have two different numbers and the descriptions varied also. Thanks. ;D


I actually had all the info in an email earlier, but it got erased. WE have changed our minds about resorts several times before setting with the melia. If i remember correctly it was either 899 or 950 i think. It was definately under 1000. It is the best package i’ve seen in terms of what it includes for the price. Angelica was pretty good originally at getting back to me, but always took a bit of time. I’m actualy in a bit of a panic becuase i’m waiting to hear back about actually getting our wedding date before we book the trip. I don’t want to book and not be able to get married. I’ve written her twice in the past 2 weeks and still nothing. She had originally told me that i need to book through sol melia in Miami, but they wrote me to say they were shut down for a while and i needed to book through the hotel. ARRGH! O well. I"ll let you know as soon as i hear back again.


Ok, its me again:) I didn’t answer your whole question. I would go to the sol melia site. It gives you all the prices and the inclusions in the package:)


Thanks for the sites everyone!!! All the information I found on these sites were extremely helpful!!! I’m hoping to hear back from the hotel soon. I’m very anxious to start planning!!! ;D


Thanks so much monicacarley. I am starting to freak out a bit about not hearing back from angelica. We are waiting to put down our deposits to hear if we can actualy get married during our week. That site was great. I have been researching since october,and I can’t believe I didn’t ever see that site.
Quick question:
How were your pictures? We were debating hiring a photogrpaher from santo domingo. Its a bit pricey so If the photos are nice I won’t bother. Were you happy with the quality of them?
Oh, one more:) did you find your ceremony private? were there alot of people hanging around? And were there alot of wedding on the same day as yours? I am a tad worried since we are gogn during peak travel season (March Break) that there will be tons of wedding and it will be rushed. Unfortunately we are teacher s and there is nothing we can do about it.
Thanks so much:)


Monicacarley, thanks so much for all the info. I’ve actually tried Carolina , and the main office email as well and both have come back saying the miami office is closed until further notice. Im freaking out a bit as i’m scared we wont’ get our date. How far ahead did yo ubook your wedding if you don’t mind me asking:)?


Hi guys…still haven’t heard from the hotel yet. I’m not sure if they know of the Miami situation or what.

monicacarley: was the price that you gave for the video American or Canadian? Do you know the prices of the picture packages? Also, how many was in your package?

Does anyone know if you have to get your documents translated to Spanish or can you leave them in English. I heard both so I’m not sure!!

Catherine: maybe you should phone the hotel. I think I would be getting worried also. Hopefully, I won’t have too much trouble in the coming months :smiley:


Phew!!! I finally heard back from Angelica today. She gave me two choices. Both of them stink, but what can u do. The first one is the 13th at 12:00, but you ahve to be there 3 full days right? So if i get there on the 11th I have to wait till the 15th right , because its 3 full days. I think thats right. The other was the 15th at 1:00. I was really hoping for something later. She is checking for me again. I knew they booked up quick with the one j. o. p, but I"m not getting married until March. It books up that early? A bit crazy. ONly 2 spots left. O well keep you fingers crossed for me that I can get a better time. Thats good news though that she’s back on the email again. You should hear from her any time now.


Oh Monicacarley. When in march did you get married? Was it during March break? If it was was it a busy time, were there lots of weddings that week?


Catherine: That’s great that you heard back!! You must have been getting worried. I heard that you had to be at the resort for three days before you can get married also. Maybe that’s not true. You should check that out. It is pretty crazy that all the times to be married seem to be booked already :o Maybe cause it’s such a popular time. My boyfriend is also a teacher so we know about not having much time for vacations. That’s why we are planning it for the summer even though it will be HOT!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Also, the couple going with us can’t go until the middle or end of July. Oh well ::slight_smile: Hope everything works out for you.

Monicacarley: Thanks for the info about the video. I would love to have one done especially because none of our family is able to go with us. You did mention that the pictures were part of the package. The package description that I have only includes one 5x7. Is there different packages to select from? The package description that is available on Debbie’s homepage says that there are a couple of pics included. Hopefully I’ll hear from the resort soon and then I can ask her.

Thanks guys for keeping this thread going!!! Cause I need ALOT of help and you can guess ???


Hey I just got married there. It was awesome and it’s definitely going to be hot but who cares ? I’m am literally still unpacking but I can answer plenty of questions. In the meantime checkout 14yearslater.blogspot.com it’s a blog we started to provide information for our guests who were coming but it has some information you may be able to use. Here are some other sites to check out: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g147293-d149399-Reviews-Melia_Caribe_Tropical-Punta_Cana_Dominican_Republic.html

there you can look at over 200 pictures of Melia… ok I gotta get going but I’ll check back later I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

By the way, the judge who performs the ceremony is the only one for the entire province of Higuey, so she performs all the civil ceremonies in Punta Cana as well as the city so that’s why it’s hard to get her for any day any time.


As far as legalization, I don’t know where you are, but there are Dominican Consulates in Canada. I went in person to get my paperwork translated but I live 10 minutes from the consulate in New York City. You can get your paperwork done through wedo.com too but it will cost more than the consulate prices. Here are some prices to get you started with your planning. Yes Angelica drags her feet with the email responses, but she’s very sweet and she’s just got a lot to juggle. Also, we didn’t sit with Angelica to finalize the package until the day before the wedding! And we had 60 people with a ceremony and separate cocktail reception. With DJ, hors d’oeuvres, open bar cake, flowers etc. In other words, try your best not to panic, it will turn out fine. Anyway here’s some info:
Legal Requirements

  1.  A Valid photograph driver's license or passport.  Non U.S. 

citizens will need their passports (photocopies are required).
2. Affidavit Certificate is required (translated to Spanish &
legalized by the Dominican Republic consulate)
3. Photocopies of the passport.
4. Photocopies of the birth certificates of the couple.
If Divorce - Decree absolute / If adopted- adoption certificate / If
widowed- death certificate of former spouse / If you have changed name

  • Deed Poll ( including divorcees who had reverted back to maiden name
    / If under 18 years - evidence of parental consent by statutory
    For assistance and reliable service of translation and legalization of
    your paperwork, we would recommend to contact Isabel Gonzalez at WE DO,

Civil Package 899

	*	Notary service, marriage license and legalization of Document 
	*	Certified copy of wedding license
	*	Personal In House wedding specialist
	*	Room Up grade
	*	Bottle of wine up arrival or the day
	*	Alternative locations for the wedding ceremony (subject to 

government restrictions)
* Melia Invitation Cards (up to 100) for attending guest
* Private couples dinner under the moon and the stars the night
before the wedding (select from two special areas)
* Witness area available if needed
* Bouquet of flowers for the bride and Boutonniere fro the groom
* Cd player during the ceremony
* Wedding cake for up to 15 persons
* One 5x7 photograph by resort photographer
* His & Her gift
* Guaranteed late check out up to 3pm
* One his & her massage or spa treatment gift certificate up to
specific amount

These are options for the reception dinner:
1.- We can book an area for your group in one of the restaurants A la
Carte.Having this option you have to be aware that other guests will be
using the restaurant and the dinner have a timming of 2 hours maximum.
When a group is more than 10 people you have to pick a set menu
(Entree, Soup, Main and Dessert) from the same carte of the restaurant. This
option has no extra cost, if wedding party is less than 25 persons, if
it`s more some charges apply and will be discussed upon arrival.

2.- You can have a private reception in one of our salons. The price
per person is approximately US$45.00 per person for private dinner and
US$15.00 per person per hour for private bar. You can also have the party
in the same place. When paying extra for the meals, the salon is free
of charge; the salon will only be charged if used for a cocktail or
meeting. The salon will be available from 6:00pm until 11:30pm.

Horse drawn carriage: 40 US$
Musical trio: 180 US$
packadge of pictures: 353 US$
Canapes: 12 US$ - 25 US$ depending on the option select
Plated dinner at a hall room: 45 US$ per person
Private bar: 15 US$ per person per hour
DJ services ( including dance floor): 800 US$
Centerpieces for the tables: 50 US$
Extra cake: 2 US$ per person
Additional flowers:
Corsages: 17 US$ each
Bottonieres: 7 US$ each
Bouquets: 25 US$ each
Petal basket: 7 US$ each


Thanks queenhelly :sunglasses:

I’m definitely going to check out those sites that you recommended. Also, thanks very much for the info on the prices. If you don’t mind me asking what type of dress did you wear? I’m thinking of a destination dress that is very slight but I’m not sure if it would be too casual. Where there any other weddings while you were there? Did you get any of the photo packages and if yes how were they. I’ve heard that they were good and bad. I’m going to be coming up from newfoundland, Canada so I think I’ll ask the travel agent when I get into st. john’s where i should get my stuff translated and notarized. Maybe I’ll check out wedo. Thanks though!!!


OmG Thank you so much for telling me about the 3 day thing. I don’t know where i heard that from . I gues smost other places you need a 3 day waiting period, so i just assumed. That changes everything. I"m so excited i don’t have to wait that long. You guys are awesome. Quick question. I had a list of inclusions for the wedding package, and originally I had the horse and carraige, trio of guitar guys, and 36 pics included in the price. Is that still the case because i’m seeing that listed as seperate costs now.


the packages seem to change, but i had the “free wedding package” which you qualify for if your group books a certain amount of rooms for a certain amount of nights. I paid separately for the trio (well worth it to me because they stay there for a little while after the ceremony playing music and we were busy taking pictures in the gazebo with friends and family) and also the horse and carriage, also well worth it. In my opinion the photo packages are steep. I had plenty of people there who took great pictures as well as my own videographer (my dad). I currently have about 750 photos on my laptop from all the pictures taken by friends and family. We didn’t get pictures as part of the wedding package, but a package can be purchased when you sit with Angelica, or you can buy pictures a la carte.

As for the dress, I originally thought I’d get one below the knee but my friend advised me to go floor length and I’m glad I did. But I would not advise you to get a dress that requires crinoline or a pettycoat or any type of complicated undergarments because it’s just too hot and uncomfortable. I chose a halter top dress because I knew I’d have a tanline from my bathing suit and the halter neck would cover the tanmarks. Other than that I just wanted something that wasn’t too heavy and complicated. Especially since my husband wore white airy linens I didn’t want to look like a caketopper next to him. This link takes you to brides.com which has many styles to check out. The dress I wore is the second one.



I don’t know what happened with that link but brides.com has a lot of good photos… anyway my dress was from a place called David’s Bridal they have many in the States but I don’t know if they do in Canada. This is the dress. I liked it because it flattered my figure, I’m not as slim as the model in the photo :slight_smile:



Your dress is beautiful!!! ;D It looks like it would be perfect for a destination weddings. We do not have a David’s bridal here in newfoundland but here are the two dress that I would love to have if I can get them

The first one with the ribbon bands is my first choice and my second choice is the 4th dress on that site. I love the straps!!!


I am also not as slim as the model but I am slowly losing weight but I still have a year to go right? :-/

Catherine: I have the same list of inclusions. This was why I am hoping the resort will mail me back soon so I can ask what is included. Judging from everyone else’s posts though it seems that the package may have changed. It would be great if everything is included!!!