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Melia Caribe wedding!


I still have not received an answer to any of my emails. I even emailed the director…hope I get an answer when Laura returns…my wc has been Emy Rose…but now I don’t have any idea who it is…


It’s probaby Evelyn. I sent her an email and got an email back a week later. then no response when I responded to said email. They’re trying to push that $1000 Copyright fee onto me…even though i’ve been booked there for over a year now…I DONT THINK SO


I knwo this was discussed before but is anyone giving their guest’s passport numbers to the WC? I’m not going to have time to get them all by friday lol


Imrash23 - There is NO WAY they should be pushing the $1000 copyright fee on you! :o If you booked your wedding before this came into effect there is no way they should be telling you to pay it. I will certainly not be paying this fee either!

I think the consensus about passport numbers was that it is a personal choice. I wouldn’t worry about trying to get them all by Friday! I don’t even know why they would need everyone’s passport numbers?!?!?


I will not be giving passport numbers to the resort…I will give names only…


Yeah good I’m not giving passport numbers either. They’re also asking for everyone’s email- I dont have that either…


Received an email from Angelica today confirming Emy Rose is no longer there…she said I would be assigned a new wc soon…she also said she would answer the questions I had asked and not received any answer to…that makes me feel a bit better…i still have several months so i feel i can breath a bit easier now…i will get nervous later on…lol



I already sent back our Room List and the only things that I included were the names, TA if they were using our TA (otherwise i have no idea who they booked with), arrival/departure dates, approximate arrival times if I knew them and who was rooming with who. That’s all! No way would I ever ask a guest for a passport number…plus I would NEVER send mine to someone thru an unsecured email. :o

My advice is fill out the basic stuff and then let them deal with the rest when your guests check in. The rooms are already booked and paid for…don’t worry about it!

Go have fun! ;D


Thanks girls! I’m glad we’re all on the same page!!!


I want to say that Angelica answered all my questions & very promptly…she even sent me a pic of a great looking room for our reception…our group won’t be large & i can visualize everything i want it to be…it was such a relief…and now it’s exciting !!
They will let me know who my new wc will be…i can wait for that now…


Bye Girls!!! I’ll talk to you all when I get back! I’ll have a full review of the Melia & Photo Souvenir! Hope you all have a great couple of weeks! I’ll be back on the 19th!!!




All the best on your special day! I’ll do my best to run into you. I’m there from June 17 -22


I would like to share the picture of my wedding with all of you

My photographer was photoshop caribe they are located in Punta Cana



I have seen your album before, but I always love looking at it again. The pictures really did come out beautiful. :slight_smile:


Hello ladies!

I just got back on Thurs. from the Dominican Republic. I had my wedding on May 31st at the Melia. After all the stressing and drama it was beautiful. I finally figured out why they don’t respond to any calls or emails at a timely manner. They are super super busy. As a bride you care about no one else’s wedding but your own! I understand that, but once you arrive and meet with coordinator you have their undivided attention. She will make YOUR day special. The only advice I can give is don’t stress too much! Everything will fall into place once you get there!!! Happy planning!


Hi Ladies-- I AM BACK !!! YEAH!!!
I am working on my lenghly review.


Yay! Can’t wait to hear the reviews!!! Congratulations!!!



congratulations. i hope you had a fabulous time! can’t wait to read all about it!


Hola! I realize I got married several weeks ago (April 27th) but I dove straight back into school and planning for my at-home reception with 250+ guests (just this past weekend) so needless to say, mama’s been a little busy.

I had been corresponding with ncake via email prior to the trip, since we were both going to be flying out of Vancouver on the same flight, and lo and behold, she was sitting right across the aisle from me on the plane. She and her groom were very sweet, we wound up bumping into one another at the resort quite a few times and we even met up to walk down the beach to the Jellyfish together to check it out and meet Mayte. I even ran into ncake on her wedding day – what a beauty!

Okay, here goes:

I love the Melia, but I would never ever recommend them to anyone for a wedding unless they were going with only a handful of people and had a “sky’s the limit” budget. We actually had our reception at the Jellyfish (I’ll post that review on the Jellyfish thread). We arrived to check in and it was kind of chaotic since several large groups were arriving in the lobby at the same time. My husband and I were whisked away by a lady who stormed ahead of us at a mile a minute, we could barely keep up with her and had NO idea where we were going or why we were abandoning our entire group of 65 guests.

When we checked in with Royal Service, they were total biatches. I don’t know if it’s because we weren’t paying for the upgrade ourselves (our travel agency upgraded us) or what, but holy doodle. Not a good start. The Royal Service (RS) lobby – wowee, I don’t know what they use to give the room that aroma but it was sickening! LOL. When our concierge Jose took us by golf cart to our RS suite, he was the sweetest man ever! He refused to let us lift a finger and kept saying “Welcome home” with the biggest and most genuine smile on his face. Our room was gorgeous!! The only problems were that our tub drain-stopper didn’t work very well and for the first 3 days our phone didn’t work… despite SEVERAL requests to RS to sort that out (being a bride, I needed to be able to contact other guests, my photographer, Mayte at Jellyfish, ROOM SERVICE THAT I WASN’T GETTING TO UTILIZE SANS PHONE… haha… my travel agent, wedding coordinators, etc.)

Royal Service was quite far from where most of our guests were, but since we all booked through one travel agency they were all clumped very close together in the buildings as best as could be done.

We loved not having to walk due to the many many golf carts zipping around, and the trolley system they have there is amazing, and so fun to ride around on at night half-cut, let me tell you, some of our more hilarious moments happened on those trains, cervezas in hand!

The resort is gigantic but you get to sort of know where to find your posse in no time – the main Market buffet, your group will tend to congregate at a certain part of the pool and the beach… makes for great times, and you’re not constantly trying to find people. The only downside of the beach is no bar… but the pool bar is only a few steps away. We didn’t even utilize the RS beach which we had access to (where you get served on the beach) because no one else in our group stayed in RS and we didn’t hang out there or the RS pool.

The grounds are gorgeous, the food is great (don’t believe anyone who says otherwise… you have so many choices!) but it was hard for anyone in our group to make a la carte reservations due to the resort being completely sold out while we were there.

The language barrier was tough in a few emergency situations, but we managed. However, the pissy attitude that came from MANY of the staff wasn’t helping my cause either. You need to be firm and clear when you have requests, and do not take “we’ll get to it” for an answer.

The wedding…

As glorious as the day turned out to be, I was in hell for 3 days prior. Laura was my WC and she was awful. My husband and I went to our meeting to go over our contract and had a major fiasco over requests that I had made and my travel agent confirmed for me MONTHS and MONTHS in advance that they had zero record of… or so they claimed. Our travel agent no longer worked for the agency we booked with, so it was me against her. Then she got Angelique in there and she got ALL up in my face and I threatened to leave. Then they threatened me by saying I’d signed contracts that are legally binding for payment (they were charging me a couple thousand dollars more than I was supposed to be paying) and when I started to cry and yelled at them that this was harassment and I wanted to speak with Angelique’s manager, she sang a different tune. I told them that they were disrespectful, unprofessional and appalling to deal with and I told them to go fuck themselves (uhmmm, not kidding either) and that I would just go get married on a beach off their property and enjoy my reception at the Jellyfish and that I didn’t need them for anything.

wow, my blood pressure is going off the charts right now and it’s been like 7 weeks… haha…

Okay, how can I sum this up… after fighting with them for an hour, we made a compromise. I won’t bother with details because it’s not going to affect anyone else’s wedding but yeah… we worked out a deal. Then they were very nice to me, but I didn’t care. I wouldn’t even look at Laura or Angelique at my ceremony.

The wedding itself was amazing and beautiful. After the ceremony my husband and wedding party took a few pics while zipping around in golf carts, then came back to the gazebo for champagne 15 minutes later. We hung out there for about half an hour, then the party left again to the for photos on the beach this time, while our guests went into one of the bars for a quick bite and some drinks before the reception.

We had buses pick us up at the main lobby entrance and shuttle us all to the Jellyfish where I was over the moon the entire night, I seriously love Mayte and she is an amazing person who genuinely cares about your happiness on your wedding day so much.

I really hate to sound so sour and negative. Most of our guests weren’t aware of the shitstorm my groom and I had to deal with prior to our wedding and most of them had good experiences as well. A lot of my problems were things that started off small and snowballed due to communication barriers and me feeling like I wasn’t being respected, taken seriously, or even heard in most cases. Overall, I’d go back to the Melia for a regular vacation in a heartbeat – in fact, we plan to do so in a few years. It just wasn’t the wedding planning experience I was hoping for and trying so hard to simplify so that it could be accomplished. You can never prepare too far in advance, and if I can offer advice to brides – unless you run into any major snags, believe me when I say that all of the pre-trip confusion comes to an end when you meet with your wedding coordinator. They have a system where they flip through a book and you go through all the details and this is where you have the opportunity to customize and make changes. I changed my bouquet and designed my bridesmaids bouquets and the boutinniers (sp?) at this point and this was the point where I was able to get along with Laura because she was very detail-focused and reviewed the whole process with me after to ensure that it would be 100% right, and it all was in the end. I still hope to never see that woman again, but I was grateful that on the day of the ceremony things went as I had asked for and I have nothing but fond memories of the actual wedding day.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. My email is carlymclaughlin@shaw.ca but please keep your questions brief and if you ask in point form I can reply in point form. I’m just super busy with other weddings I’m in and other things in general, I’ll be spending the least amount of time on the computer now as possible! Haha, my husband can have me back now that I’m done with wedding stuff! :slight_smile:

I hope you all have wonderful experiences there, and if you’re struggling or at all in doubt contact the Jellyfish – if your wedding date is still available there, just do it all there. You won’t regret it.