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Melia Caribe wedding!


moepeedy - Congrat!!! and can’t wait to see more pictures.

20RN09 - Congrats to you too!!!

Ladies … for those who sent me your e-mails to see pics… they will be e-mailed to you shorlty :slight_smile:


A few more pro pics from our photog’s blog!! :slight_smile:



holy macaroni…this is long… :o

Check-In: B

We stayed in Royal Service and it went pretty smoothly. We waited a while in the RS Lobby for our room to be ready which kind of annoyed us b/c we had our suits and stuff in our carry-ons and did not need to go with our luggage. We wanted to hit the beach right away…all we wanted was a key and for our bags to be delivered but they would not do that, for some weird reason. It was fine, just a little weird. The Royal Service Lobby was very nice…AC, mimosas at hand, snacks, guest computers etc….lovely. But for 3 other couples who were part of our party (not in RS) check-in was a nightmare. They were made to wait for hours, given the wrong rooms or keys, told they had no reservations, etc…it was bad. It was very unprofessional, unorganized and disappointing.

Royal Service: B

Our room was GORGEOUS!! We had the RS One Bedroom Master Suite. It was super clean, the AC worked great, spacious, enough closet space, nice bathroom…great! The bed was comfy and nice and big…although I am not sure if it seemed so much so because I usually share my bed with my hubby and 2 great giant danes! We looked out over the Gabi pool…very nice. The Gabi Restaurant and Pool were directly across from our room which was convenient and we were only a short walk to the RS Lobby and Caribe Lobby, which has the casino in it. We received 2 bottles of champagne and 2 fruit plates during our stay.

Here is the thing about RS…it is VERY far from the beach. I thought this was ridiculous being that RS is an upgrade…if anything you should be right on the beach! I probably would have been able to deal with it except that it was impossible to get rides to the beach. Employees would sail past people on the golf carts and never give a ride…even if they were going in the same direction. It was very annoying. Then you could call for a ride home from the beach if you wanted to wait about 20 minutes for the car to come. ::slight_smile:

The RS beach was very nice…beach bar was great, there was some waiter service and there were tables with chairs and lots of lounge chairs and shade, if needed. This beach was definitely a more relaxing, sleep and read beach. If you wanted fun and excitement and activity you needed to stroll down the beach. The same goes for the Gabi Pool…nice bar, beautiful and clean pool, but lots of kids and relatively boring. Caribe Pool has a huge bar and is lots of fun! But there is a snack stand at the Gabi Pool which is handy when you are starving! (hot dogs, chips, ice cream etc…)

The butlers were very nice, but useless. Did nothing for us…I had to make repeated requests for simple things. (I was never demanding, rude or nasty, always tried to use as much Spanish as possible) We could never get dinner reservations…they were very sweet but it was a waste for us! I rarely complain about anything; in my mind a bad day in the Caribbean is still a pretty darn good day, but the RS was lacking attention to detail (a theme that runs thru most of the hotel)

Here is my last quip about RS…the day of my wedding (which turned out perfectly, not one complaint there) I called the RS Lobby to make sure I had a ride to and from the salon. It is July and it is hot there so I didn’t want to sweat my arse off walking there and back. :sunglasses: They said “no problem” in the AM, then did not show up to pick me up. When I called I was told they were too busy…to take me AND to pick me up!!! I was really mad. Then don’t you know, as we walk out of the salon there are my in-laws (not in RS) being driven around on their own little golf cart!!! :o I made them drive us home. I was fuming! I can laugh about it now, but it did not seem funny then! LOL!

Restaurants/Bars/Food: B+/A-

As far as an AI goes, the Melia’s food overall is pretty good. The buffets are beautiful and have tons of choices and are constantly being refreshed. The Marketplace got the most cheers from our group…we ate there once and it was nice (they had a whole turkey w/ homemade cranberry sauce…and it was GOOD!..lol!) The Agora is more kids/families, while the Turey is livelier and more adults.

As for the a la cartes….the food is fine. Not great, not bad, but fine. Our favorite a la carte was the thai, La Pagoda. By far the best, in our opinion. The American Grill was AWFUL. AWFUL! Also, Capri, which was mainly seafood, was very nice and the service was good. We like that one a lot, too. I think a lot of the times it is hit or miss at the a la cartes…stick with basic dishes and I think you are better off. But there are definitely lots of choices so everyone should be able to find something they like…believe me we did not go hungry for even a millisecond there! If someone says all the food is bad, they are lying. Reservations were a pain to get, which was annoying for my guests…but I guess they really want the buffets to be used.

The Gabi Restaurant was FANTASTIC!!! I encourage people to go eat there for dinner even if you are not RS…it is a $35/person charge if you are not in RS. It is worth it. The buffet is great…best omelets! The dinners are fabulous!! The lobster supremo was so awesome and they have a mozzarella risotto (which is served with a beautiful steak) which I would give my right arm to have for dinner tonite. The waiters are great, so attentive and work extremely hard. We did our rehearsal dinner there and it was worth the extra money! The staff was unbelievable that night for us. It was my father-in-law’s birthday and boy did they put on a show for him!! The Gabi made our night so memorable and beautiful.

We had room service in RS and it was nice to have. We would order a couple things, including beers and bottles of wine, to stick in the fridge so when we got back at night we could munch on stuff. That was handy. But if you are not in RS, the El Guarapo is open 24 hours with snacks served from 11PM-5AM.

The Avenue Bar is so beautiful…going for the NYC urban feel. Also, the Tropical Lobby was so nice…I thought it was much nicer than the Caribe side. We hung out in the Casino a lot (music and AC) and there was a great bartender, Mateo, there. He was so good to us! He liked my cousin, Joe, so much that he made him 2 Dominican CDs…too funny. Probably helped that Joe tipped him enough to put his kids thru college! LOL!

Grounds/Rooms: A+

Beautiful, clean, perfect. No problems. Building 27 is very, very, very close to the pool and beach, just as an FYI.

Wedding!!! : A+++

First of all, Evelyn Reyes was my WC and she was fantastic. :DSuper organized, very friendly, great! I can not say enough good things about her. If you have any communication problems prior to the wedding, do not even worry about it one bit! They will get it right, trust me. They have any and all emails and then they go through a form with you and pick out all of the details. It is very, very simple. If you have any extra things to give her or requests, whatever, just bring it to your meeting and Evelyn will see to it. You will pick out everything at that meeting….flowers, linens, music etc…whatever you need…it’s very easy!!! But if you have a request for a certain restaurant for your “rehearsal” dinner then I would email your WC beforehand to try and reserve that.

Evelyn delivered the flowers about 30 minutes before the ceremony and they were so gorgeous. Very tropical and beautiful. The colors and combination were stunning, absolutely perfect. (Although someone stole them from my room the day after the wedding!!!) We were picked up and driven to the beach. We took a couple of pics before we walked down the aisle. And then it was time!!

The ceremony was perfect….we did it right on the beach and we added the Sand Ceremony and the Hands Ceremony to make it more personal. There were onlookers, but it was fine. It was part of the experience! We had the ceremony in Spanish and had Evelyn translate. It was so great…the guests thought it was an awesome touch. We lucked out and had a gorgeous breeze that day (which played some tricks with my veil) so it was not too hot. As soon as we were “Husband & Wife” they handed out champagne to all the guests and us. Then we took some pics and it was party time. FYI, we used the resort photo company and were quite happy with them.

Cocktail hour was awesome…we hired the Musical Trio to play during it and they were terrific! I definitely recommend those guys, worth every penny…everyone loved them plus it was nice to have some music. We had the appies and drinks right on the beach under the palm trees…so romantic and perfect. We had prosciutto, spinach tartlets, salmon and beef skewers. It was delicious. (Especially the spinach tarlets!) The hour was so relaxed and lovely…after cocktail hour we all strolled down the beach about 3 minutes to the Grill Turey where we had our reception. (It is interesting walking on a beach in full wedding dress, lol!)

The reception was great…I picked the Turey b/c I wanted an outside feel but was afraid of passing showers! It worked great! We hired the DJ who was great, played lots of different music. We gave Evelyn our CD with our 1st dance and father/daughter dance on it and she made sure he got the songs. Our friend announced us and then we decided to serve dinner right away so we could have lots of dancing time! We ordered the seafood salad and then we had lobster tail & beef tenderloin medallions. We also did the premium bar for the reception. The service was great, food was great, the setup was great. We loved everything. Our cake was absolutely gorgeous…just like I wanted. The icing was not exactly as I had asked but the flowers were done just right. We had tropical flowers cascading down the side. Simple but beautiful All in all the wedding was just like I had imagined it would be. I would do it all over again the exact same way. It was a perfect day and I am so glad we decided to this!

I did have some complaints regarding The Melia, but do not let my experience dictate what yours will be or put any type of damper on your excitement. Each day is different there and everyone has different expectations and experiences. All in all we had a fabulous wedding, it really was a dream wedding and we had a lot of fun and made great memories during our stay. I would not return to the Melia, however I do not regret for one second our decision to go there! I mean, you are on an island with blue seas, lots of food, unlimited drinks and friends & family…how bad could it be???

If anyone has questions or would like to see some pictures please email me at msward77@gmail.com.

My advice to future brides is juts relax and go with the flow…the anticipation of your wedding is the best part! Your day will be here before you know it! Remember on your big day to stop and look around for a minute, take it all in…it goes very quickly…remember to stop and soak it in! Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Hello all,

Check out my wedding pictures from 6/27/09. We used Photoshop Caribe, they were great! We highly recommend them.




your pics are great!! a very beautiful bride !!
the room for your reception was very nice…which room is that?? also…nice centerpieces…did you arrange them with the resort??


Does anyone know what type of chairs are available for receptions in the ampitheatre or Turrey Grill? I have seen pictures of the chairs with chairs with chair covers and they look like plastic outdoor chairs but with chair covers.



thanks so much!

we were in the tropical ball room and the centerpieces were arranged with the resort.


thanks for the info


Hi!! I’m Yeni and I’m new to this website. I’m planning my wedding for June 20,2010. I read some of the reviews and I feel very excited! I know this forum is going to help me with my planning.


Hi Yeni, congrats!!!


Natalie- I love the orchid in your hair. Did you get it from the Melia?


Your pics are very nice…thanks for sending…you look beautiful…


Darcyjade: Actually its a fake orchid hair clip…I bought it from here



Did anyone got married at the beach gazebo? Please I will love to see some pictures of it. I think I want to do the ceremony there but I will like to see some pic. Thanks



we got married on the beach b/c i liked it much better than the gazebo. but the gazebo is still very nice…it is much smaller than the traditional wedding gazebo and it is located at the top of the beach about 15 feet from the walkway of the resort. it is sort of in grass but right at the edge of the beach. i will scan through my pics and see if we got one of it.


Ok thanks


Hi ladies…if anyone would like to see some pics from our wedding/honeymoon here is the link:


The password is : wedding

I do not have our professional pics on that site mostly b/c I have been a smidge too busy to scan them…but on Facebook there are a few (Meredith Ward Borzotta). But on our Shutterfly.com page there are tons of pictures. The rehearsal dinner was at The Gabi Restaurant (the best night and dinner) and we did our ceremony on the beach with cocktail hour right there and the reception at The Grille Turey. Completely wonderful.

Happy planning!


Hello All

I just got off the plane and said I have to come to this forum to say … I AM BACK :’(

I got married at Melia Caribe Tropical on 07/10/09 and my reception at the Jelly Fish Resturant…

Review will follow soon… within the next week or so…

Be prepared to hear… The GOOD, The BAD, & The UGLY…

All and All THE BEST DAY EVER … ;D


Congrats Pierrebride!!


20RN09: Gorgeous pics, you look beautiful! Where did your get your bridesmaid dresses from? I love the strapless one that had a lighter shade of blue along the bust.