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Melia Cayo Santa Maria A la Carte restaurants

Question, I read that this resort only has two A la Carte Restaurants, is it hard to book them, always fully booked or we can at least get 1 booking at each? also is it first come first serve or it is pre-booked in the morning at the reception.

Many thanks.

Allijose when are you going? We are a group of 4 out of Toronto headed there on the 27th of March. We were wondering the same thing. Hope you get some advice from this thread. Are you bringing the infamous Canadian small bubba for your cold drinks on the beach?

We were there in November and the a-la-carte bookings are done at a desk just off the lobby bar (convenient). The hours they are open are posted. Grab a drink and wait in line. You are allowed 2 bookings; one for the Mediterranean and one for the Italian/week. The resort sometimes opens up a third which is an outdoor poolside bbq but we were there in low season and it wasn’t open. I suggest you make your reservations as soon as possible. If they’re open when you get there, make them right away.

We were at the MCSM a couple of year ago and if my memory serves me correctly, you made your reservations at a desk in a little hut just off the Main Lobby. We were there in March and I do not recall having any trouble making the reservations. We liked the resort a lot, I don’t remember the Med ala carte, but the Italian was nice. The lunch version had good pizza, and the “Old Man and the Sea” beach restaurant was very good (same as at Melia Cayo Guillermo).

we were last there in January 2008. The Italian resto is the best of the three. The BBQ resto near the pool was open but very ‘open air’, which was a bit chilly for us on the night we went. The Ranchero-style grill resto is nearest to the beach and is great at noontime: fresh fish and roasted chicken, tons of salads and ice cream.
Reservations, as mentioned, are off the lobby, and you must stand in line early to get a decent time (we usually went around 7-ish). Bon voyage! :slight_smile:

When you are there get a number and grab a drink from the bar. I was at the resort in December 08 and it took me 40 min. waiting

Just came back from this resort last week. Maybe I was lucky, but never had a line up for booking a la cartes. There are 4 to choose from as the beach restaurant, normally open for lunch, is open for dinner during peak season. It is the seafood a la carte at dinner and lobster is on the menu.

[quote=@nhathanh]When you are there get a number and grab a drink from the bar. I was at the resort in December 08 and it took me 40 min. waiting[/quote]They were using the “take a number” method when I was there as well. Frees you up from standing in line…and I didn’t wait all that long, either…

Thanks for all the great info you wonderful travellers…hihihihi

and to answer Sunnyone, we are arriving the same day you are…hihihi. hope we get to party together cause ya we do have our big mugs for our cold beer…hihihihihi, we are Maritimers, we need our beer cold and plentiful. We arrive around noon, you?

We get in about 11 in the morning…so far…hope they dont change the flight time! We will get the beer chilled for you!! I have to wait until Crappy Tire has the small bubbas on sale…I gave mine away last year. We will be the ones with pool noodles…love noodling in the ocean…

Us beer drinkers think alike, we bring floaters also, floating rings. Do we ever have fun with those in the waves, leave them behind when we leave. Will look for you noddles at the beach…LOL

One week or two?