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Melia Cayo Santa Maria - from Halifax

We are two couples going to MCSM from Halifax. Looking forward to a good time and meeting other travellers.
Air Transat (CANJET) changed the flight times from Halifax and added a stop over at Montego Bay. Just thought I would give other travellers a heads up…

darwill - where did you get the info that there is a stop over in MB?? This will be the 3rd time they changed our flight to Santa Clara - totally unacceptable IMHO!!! If I’m going to Montego Bay, I’m getting off the plane and staying :wink:

Man that quite a trip via Montego Bay. Don’t understand why they’ed do it. Quite a bit out of the way.


Darwill … Your flight stops stop in MoBay on the way down, but have a direct flight home. That flight is now doing a circuit … Hfx – MoBay – Santa Maria – Hfx.

Tour operators are combining flights instead of doing last-minute price reductions. :frowning:

Actually it looks like Halifax to Santa Clara to MoBay on the outbound flight and Santa Clara to MoBay to Halifax on the way home. It appears they’ve changed the return flight from 11:35 p.m to 2:05 a.m. :stuck_out_tongue: wonder what time we will arrive in Halifax now??? And what’s really strange about this is that our flight on April 5th has been sold out for months but now there are packages available??? Obviously they’ve put on a bigger plane!

cubajunkie - I got the info confirmed by my Travel Agent but first noticed it on Itravel2000.com

darwill - thanks for posting this!! We would have been in a huge pickle if we had showed up at the airport at 5:00 for our 8:30 flight ??? :o !!! Appreciate it as heaven knows our TA would never let us know anything!!!

CubaJunkie - sounds like you need to get a new TA! Mine checks to remind me of any flight time!

Darwill - you should enjoy the MCSM. We were there 3- 4 years ago and liked it very much. I would place it in our top 3 resorts in Cuba.

CubaJunkie - your welcome

valleyguy - we have been to Cuba 4 times and are hoping the Beach at MCSM will be worth the extra effort. Thanks

Here’s the email received from my TA this morning - apparently there are NO stops in Jamaica!!!

"Canjet 918 Halifax 19:05 Santa Clara 22:20
Canjet 918 Santa Clara 02:25 Halifax 07:15

There is no stop in Jamaica. I appoligize for all the changes but unfortunately flights are subject to change.

I did ask them if you had any option to change or cancel however there are no options available to you at this time."