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Melia Las Dunas and/or Sol Cayo Santa Maria

Our family was booked through Signature to the new Barcelo leaving January 25th. I got an amazing deal of $511 + $200 taxes x 4 people.

However I am now being told that due to balcony issues at Barcelo, it is now a 16+ resort and we will not be allowed to stay there. What is frustrating is that Signature is the only tour operator with the 16+ stipulation.

On Monday, I am to find out from my TA which resort they will be bumping us to. I assume either the Melia Las Dunas, or the Sol Cayo Santa Maria. The size of the Las Dunas is a concern to me. After staying at the Playa Pesquero I swore off large resorts. Mainly because I am LAZY, but also because I couldn’t give my kids much freedom due to the size of the place. With only 300 rooms, the size of the Sol is appealing, however, the reviews of late are not so good.

I could accept a refund and start over again. However, at this point, there is nothing similar in that price range.

Does anyone have any comments about either of these resorts. I am not sure if we will be offered a choice, but if we are I would like to make the right one.

From what I have ready I would good to either place, because at the price you paid you will not get anything else
What age are the children?

The kids are 13 and 16.

I have been to Melia las Dunas and really enjoyed it.For the price you are paying you are getting a deal. There is an action pool and a quiet pool. They have a party on the beach at night once a week I think your children will enjoy that. The Las Dunas reminds me a lot of Playa Pesquero and we have also stayed there. For some reason this resort did not seem as big as Pesquero, then again my wife and myself are walkers and enjoy long walks.
We did prefer staying at Royal Hideaway (RHE) but they probably will not give you that choice. As a matter of recommendation we would go back to Las Dunas. Cheers Dan

Thanks for your responses. I just received official word and we are off to the Las Dunas.

mdh, if it’s not too much to ask, we are planning to go to Las Dunas in July.
Can you let me know what you think upon your return?
I’m also curious to know if their store carries a “decent” seleaction of cigars.



domin8r: I will post a review on my return, and of course answer any other questions you might have. My husband will definitely be visiting the cigar store, and I will ask his opinion on the selection. Perhaps I’ll even get a picture or two to send you.

i stayed st the Melia Las Dunas over Christmas. This was my first time in Cuba and first time in an all inclusive. I actually spent one week at the MLD then the second week at the new Barcelo. I found the MLD quite nice and, after preparing myself by reading reviews and forum postings, had gone there not expecting much food wise but was pleasantly surprised. Biggist “problem” I had was I was only able to lay by the adult pool once during my stay as most mornings by 9am all chairs had been “reserved”. No matter because I am really a beach person but the first couple of days I had to hang close to my room (a me problem, not a hotel related problem). Beaches on Cayo Santa Maria are absolutely A+ and I’ve been to beaches in Europe, North Africa and SE Asia.