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Melia Marina Varadero?

When complete it will have :::

  1. Condos for sale
  2. apartments for rent
  3. Resort hotel
  4. Slips for 1200 high end boats
  5. Golf course
  6. Mini shopping center
     But no casino ?  Vegas had a record month in march - 3.7 million guests !!!

Do you have a date when the Marina may be opening?

Because people who want to gamble go to Vegas and people who want to enjoy beach go to Cuba!

It IS open.

I’m not sure the Marina is open yet. The hotel is open but the Marina and it’s facilities were under construction at last report.

My bad, didn’t catch the nuance. Must of had too many glasses of er um milk heh heh

(It opened in January !!!

So is this the hotel they were building where the Barcelo Marina Palace used to be, or is this a different one? I heard they were hoping that the Americans with yachts would be coming in to that site, but didn’t know it was a Melia project.

It’s right across from that. The Barcelo is the Blau now right? It’s basically right across the steet from there if I am correct.