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Melia not allowing outside Photographers?

Is the Melia Caribe Tropical not allowing outside photographers? I received an email today from the photgrapher I have booked saying they have an upcoming wedding this week and they are not being allowed to shoot the wedding. Has anyone had this issue?

I haven’t heard anything, but I am sending Emy an email right now!

I am going to be so upset if this is the case. I got permission before I booked the photgrapher from the coordinator and was told I only needed to buy the guest passes.

What about people flying photographers in? Or booked an outside DJ? Or Florist?

I just sent an email to Emy. I have already booked my photographer and am flying her in. I am however paying for her to stay the 2-nights at the Melia. I also just double checked both my signed contract and the Melia Celebrations 36 page packet and there is no mention in either of those that the resort does not allow outside photographers.

Hmmm…I better not have to throw up the fist-a-cuffs!

I am so upset trying to think of what I am going to do if I can’t have the photographer I want. Pictures was the one thing I splurged on.

From what I have heard a poor bride was told today that she can’t have her photographer that she has booked for her wedding Thursday because of this new policy. I really hope this is all a misunderstanding.

Oh yeah…she just went down there, didn’t she?! That is terrible!

shelleb, lmrash23 - have either of you tried contacting the Melia about this? I still haven’t heard back from Emy, if I don’t have an email by morning I’m sending it again.

If it is not stated in a contract by the Melia then there hopefully should be a way around it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and send the good vibes that it all works out!

I just emailed my WC and TA simulataneously lol…I just sent you & kristinemarie a message on theknot…I cant believe this…i’ll let you know if i hear anything!!!

I sent an email to Laura cc’ing my TA asking for info with the email attached that I had with her telling me all I had to do was pay for guest passes to bring the photographer onto the resort. I wonder how we find who in head office to write if this is in fact true. It is so unfair if this is true.

THAT IS CRAZY!!!.. Just so you know (I don’t know if this helps or not) my fiance and I were married 3 weeks ago at the Melia and we used Photo Souvenir… no one gave us a hard time at all. We just told them that we would need 2 day passes for our photographer & videographer when we got down there.

I really hope that this is resolved quickly!! It would be ridiculous for the resort to think that future brides would want to plan their wedding at this resort if they are going to pull something like this… JMO :slight_smile:

That’s what I dont understand- how do they all of a sudden decide no outside vendors are allowed?!?

I would think that for those of us who have already booked our wedding with them (signed contracts and paid deposits) that we would still be allowed to use our vendors. If they all of a sudden decided that outside vendors were not allowed then that should be a new “rule” for future brides who have not committed yet, so they can give this information to them up front and in writing.

Lindsey, I did see and responded to your post on theknot.

PS: I just made sure to grab my international calling card in case I find out something not to my liking from Emy (my WC) tomorrow. I may have to throw down over the phone! :slight_smile:

Wow…this is craziness! I just booked my wedding date at the Melia Caribe for October 2009 and now I am starting to wonder if I should just forfeit my deposit and go to another resort??? I’ve seen the resort photog’s work and would rather give my guests a camera to snap away. No where in my contract (from LAST WEEK) did it say that outside vendors were not permitted on the grounds. I hope this gets resolved soon.

I wonder if this includes the Paradisius resorts because they are under the Sol Melia umbrella and the Melia resort photographer shoots weddings at them as well.

This is insane!!! My wedding is in June and I am in the process of signing a contract with an outside vendor and now I am extremely worried and concerned. I am calling Emy Rose right now to find out what’s going on. I have sent them numerous e-mails regarding other things and Laura nor Emy have responded back to me.

Hi All,
I received the same email as IMRASH23 posted above from Severine (Photo Souvenior). I immediately email Emy Rose, my WC, asking if this is true. Here is Emy Rose’s response:

Dear Svieira,

We allowed the outside photographers and vidiographers only if they are coming with you from your country, not locals.


Emy Rose Aquino

Coordinadora de Bodas
Wedding Coordinator
Meliá Caribe Tropical Resort

I wrote Emy an email explaining that I am very upset with Melia Caribe’s NEW RULE. And it’s totally unacceptable. Waiting to hear her response…
Will let all of you know what happens…
This is crazy!

One more thing I need to VENT about… How in the world are we BRIDES TO BE suppose to financially budget our wedding when we haven’t received 2009 prices. My wedding is in less than 4 months to go and I haven’t yet to received the prices for Melia’s Photo & Video and ect… I feel I had no other choice but to go outside the resort. AGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR

Gals, I just received the same email from WC Emy you received chopamick. Looks like Photo Souvenior and Juan Guzman are not going to be allowed in since they are locals. I wonder if they have had recent problems with them.

What are you girls going to do for those of you who have already booked PS or Juan? Let me know what I can do to help.

OMG!!!These people are out of control and so unorganized. I AM HEATED!!! I’ve tried calling 5 times today and go figure they don’t pick up.

I am beyond upset. This is so unfair. We are spending thousands of dollars, bringing business they may not otherwise get with the groups of people attending, and are being forced to either fly someone in or go with the resort photographer.