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Melia not allowing outside Photographers?

I totally agree (Shelleb) why should we have to opt to their photographer? We should be the ones deciding who we want to hire.

I actually am … well now was in the process of hiring Juan Guzman and now I have no idea what I am going to do. I need help??? I have read so many bad reviews regaring the hotel photographer. There quality of pictures are so bad!

soon2be and shelleb have you both already signed contracts with a local photog and the Melia?

soon2be: is it in your budget to fly a photographer from home in? I am using Leah Strafford (from Ohio) and she is actually very reasonably priced (not to mention amazing photography!!)for her destination wedding packages.

Nataliejp519 - I actually was going to send the signed contract out today to Juan Guzman. Thank god I read all of this this morning.

I have no idea how much flying a photographer would cost. Can you send me her website?

Nateliejp519 - When is your wedding?

Hi Ladies,
After sending Emy Rose an email expressing my disappointment and my unhappiness with the new rule this was the response I received:

Let me just let you know that this is not a new rule, it has always been this way.
We do have a provider for wedding pictures and video that provides these services to our hotel, never the less, if you wish to bring a person you have two choices: make room reservations for this person; or purchase a day pass (from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm), night pass (from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am) for $95 each.

Ladies, if you already have an outside photographer booked. Don’t give up - fight. I mentioned in my email if they would reimbursement for my down deposit that I already put down with the local photographer.
This is even ridicules that we have to deal with this nonsense!!!

I’m so heated… I can’t even type correctly. Sorry for the typos above!!

soon2be: Leah’s website is leahstraffordphotography.com and my wedding in on June 11, 2009. To save on travel costs for Leah, I opted out of doing the TTD session that she offers so travel is only 2 nights instead of 3 nights (which saved me about $350.)

chopandmick: did you mention to Emy that no where does it state that outside local vendors are not allowed?


No I did not ask Emy. But I would off if I didn’t get the answer I wanted. I’m happy with paying for the day pass. That was my intentions in the first place.

nataliejp519: I have a contract with both Melia for the wedding part and Photosouvenir for the photos and was under the impression that it was just guest passes that we had to pay for.

I got the same email from Emy about the two options…

I don’t want to let this go until I have it in writing.

Wait…so then they are allowing outside vendors…you just need the day pass? Or am I getting mixed up?

If you put enough pressure on Melia, they eventually take back what they said.
Like they just did for me and shelleb.
I hate that they make us get all worked up for nothing. Melia is starting to leave a bad taste…
Shelleb, please let me know if you do get something in writting. I would like to receive the same. You never know when Melia changes their mind again!

Good news then that you guys can use your outside photogs!!


My advise would be to make sure you contact Melia and get it in writing. You don’t want them to change the RULE on you at the last minute. You never know. I have my emails as proof in case this situtation comes back to haunt me.

chopandmick: Thanks for looking out! I did in fact email Emy last night about everything and have emails confirming that I can bring my photog with me. She is coming from the U.S. and I have paid for her to stay the 2 nights she is with us at the Melia. So she is a guest as well.

This is what she said:

“We allowed the outside photographers only if they are coming with you from your country, not local photographers.”


“We do have a provider for wedding pictures and video that provides these services to our hotel, never the less, if you wish to bring a person you have two choices: make room reservations for this person; or purchase a day pass (from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm), night pass (from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am) for $95 each.”

nataliejp519: I am confused as well. I didn’t get the first one, only the second with the two options. So I wrote back specifically stating that I:

  • did not like the style of the resort photographer (some do like his work so I don’t want to cut him down). My FI and I really like PS
  • that was fine with the guest pass prices as orginally agreed upon in the attached emails
  • want to specifically use PhotoSouvenir, and;
  • want assurances that I am not going to get there and be told I can not.

If this is a personal vendetta against local outside vendors I am seriously thinking on taking my business elsewhere. After I saw the issue that brides had with Dreams, I specifically asked before booking them to be sure that two photogrpahers I was trying to decide on would be allowed. I was told it was fine as long as I paid for passes.

I’ve also asked my TA to find out who the head person is because I plan on writing him/her a letter as well. This is not good business practice and any photographer that comes into the resort promotes that resort with their work. It was the photgraphs of other weddings that sold me on the Melia, not the promo photos.

This is so sad we have to go through this drama. I have yet to speak to Emy regarding this photographer issue but once I do I will post her e-mail up for every one to see.

My wedding is in 6 months and the Melia has already left a sour taste in my mouth. They are giving every one different response/answers and not being consistent. This is ridiculous!!

Okay ladies, I just got off the phone with Emy Rose to clarify this whole photographer issue and she told me that we are allowed to have an outside photographer whether it’s local or coming from another county. You can pay for their stay at the hotel or you can pay a day/night pass for them.

I will confirm this conversation via an e-mail to have something in writing since at this point I don’t trust them.

I think they have been infultrated with emails/phone calls from a bunch of us and have probably decided to just let us do what we want! Good work everyone!