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Melia or majestic

I was pretty much set on Melia as I have been there before and LOVEd it. Then my TA sent me info on th Majestic Colonial and Majestic Elegance. Which looks FANTASTIC as well. Sounds like the Melia might cost us more if we have a private reception. Decision, decisions. Any thoughts ladies?


Hi Darcy - Congrats & Happy planning - I hope this helps you…

I’m getting married at Melia in July BUT we were originally set on getting married at the Majestic Colonial. We went as far as to hand out brochures for the Majestic at our engagement party!! The Majestic doesn’t hold ceremonies on Sundays so we opted for a Friday, which I was OK with but then we had some problems with the travel agent we were using at the time and the wedding coordinator we were set up with was giving us some hassle about customizing a wedding package…we are bringing our own pastor to perform the ceremony yet we were still going to be charged for those services…we wouldn’t be using. Ultimately [for other reasons] we switched travel agents and wound up changing locations as well…and wound up booking at Melia…

SO although we did love Majestic - Melia just worked out better for us…

Thanks MrSarce- That DOES help, because I reaLly want to get married on a Sunday. Colombus day weekend. Due to my FI’s schedule he can’t get off until Friday for only 10 days. So in order for us to have a honeymoon, Sunday works best. I was leaning towards Melia anyway since I had been there before and I KNOW I will love it. Going to lock in the date soon.

Happy planning to you too!! :smiley:

I’m glad I could help you Darcy =]

Mrs Arce 0709

I see you are from NY. What part of NY? I am from NY too and I am looking for a pastor to travel to Ny to do my ceremony. Do you know of any? My wedding is in June, 2009.

Hi Soon2be

Sorry I haven’t been on the site for awhile! We are from Queens/Nassau - what about you? The pastor we asked to marry us is a family friend. We were inviting him & his family to the wedding regardless & my fiance thought it would be a nice idea to have him perform the ceremony…I wish I knew someone else to refer to you… sorry =/

Hi NY girls! I’m from Westchester we are actually getting married here first then having a symbolic ceremony. I really wish we did have a minister to bring with us, that sounds so wonderful!

[b]Question ladies:

Do you think your pastor or minister has any legal authority to marry you in the Dominican Republlic?[/b]


Speaking as a Master Level Certified Destination Wedding Consultant (by the Destination Wedding Association) who has had weddings at both resorts, I have to say that Majestic comes out as a winner in all categories. The main problem we point out to potential clients who want the Melia is the resort layout. Because it was originally built as two resorts, (one the Tropical and the other the Caribe) many years ago it was built in an older style where they are smaller two - three story buildings around the resort. That has created a problem for destination wedding groups because we cannot guarantee that all of their rooms will be in the same area. You could have some in building 8 by the beach and others over the bridge towards the main resort area in building 60. If someone gets delayed getting anywhere there is no way to contact them. It creates problems that we don’t want our couples to face. I wish there was a way to 100% say your rooms are here but we cannot due to any last minute changes at the resort level.

With the both of the Majestic Resorts you have buildings that are centrally located, yes you might have one person on one side of the lagoon pool then another one right across the way, however truly you just across from each other. Their layout is better for bigger weddings and for weddings with seniors because of the central location to so many features at the resort. Plus with the Majestic you can use the all inclusive feature for your dinner. If you want it private then it is a cost but at least you have the option to rent the disco for the whole night. Other resorts do not give you the option.

I hope this helps! Best wishes on your special day!

Take care,