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Melia Wedding Pictures/Experience



Anyone just married or getting married at the Melia Caribe Tropical? Does the resort really offer plenty of activities and nightlife for your guests? Was it too crowded that you couldn’t relax as much as you would have liked to?

I’d love to hear your thoughts of this resort and see pictures of the big day!



We got married at the Melia on January 11, 2007. It was wonderful, we all had a great time. We were a group of 16 the first week and six the second week and there was lots for us to do every night. The had lots of time to relax the second week, with the wedding and everyone the first week we were constantly on the move. I found it hard to relax because I was moving from group to group making sure everyone was having a good time. (But that is me, I worry) I didn’t want anyone complaining that they didn’t get to spend enough time with us. But the night life was fun and as for activities there was always something to do. There wasn’t one day that we were bored.
As for pictures, I uploaded some on my space at:
There are two albums both January. There are lots more pictures that I have received from friends and family that I will post soon.
The Melia made our wedding exceed our expectations, it was like a dream. Wonderful staff, Beautiful resort.
Tan ;D


Thanks Tan! Your pictures are beautiful and you looked so happy. I can tell that you were very pleased with your weddingmoon. What I love is the option for the horse & carriage. Also, the walk way & gazebo are decorated soo nicely. I am wondering, were you provided an option to have the cermony on the beach? Do you know if they would decorate as much as they did the gazebo? I know a lot of people veer away from the beach setting but my fiance says “why travel all that way and not spend every moment on the beach?” I agree but wouldn’t want a speedo or a topless chic in my photos for the rest of our lives!! lol.

Lastly, did you have a dinner in a private area or on the beach?


They do beach ceremonies, the WC showed us pictures of it. I didn’t like the idea of a beach ceremony because any passerby can gawk and possibly come out in the photo. The gazebo was so beautiful and totally private. It’s a matter of preference I suppose, but the gazebo for us was an absolute must. Also, if it starts drizzling or it’s windy, the beach offers no shelter from that and the gazebo does.


That’s so true. Did the WC email you pictures or did you see them once you arrived? I emailed the WC at Melia so I am hoping to hear back soon. I have to assume that any prices that I get for 2007 won’t be exactly what will be offered for 2008 but I am sure that I am going to see a huge difference between Melia and PPR. I am still unsure what to do! At least I have time but I really need to make a pro/con list to figure it out.

I also wanted to ask if at the Melia, did you hear Latin music playing? Could you eat rice & beans whenever you wanted? I noticed during my visit last year that Palma Real is really geared towards being an international hotel so I did not hear one latin song or saw one platano. (But that didnt’ stop me from endulging) I hear they have one night called Dominican Night but it must of happened right before we arrived.


Lots of Latin music and beans and rice!! All very yummy!!!

Wish we could go back in time and do it all over again. The Melia is a beautiful resort.

Enjoy the anticipation girls!



You see the pictures in a photo album when you sit with the WC at the Melia. We had already seen the gazebo because we visited the Melia 2 months before the wedding. We knew we didn’t want to do a beach wedding because of the lack of privacy and also the weather unpredictability.

There are plenty of things to do with your guests at the beach other than the wedding itself. One really fun thing we did was organize a volleyball game between the New Yorkers and all our guests from other states. We lost, we didn’t think that through since Dean has 3 cousins from Montana who are all taller than 6 feet! Anyway it was really fun. We had an itinerary that we typed up before heading down there and put it in everyone’s welcome gift bag. We also posted it to our wedding blog a week or so before the trip.


Queenhelly, or tanzie, did they musical trio have other choices of songs to walk down the aisle to besides the wedding march? I can’t picture how that would sound on a guitar, but i really dislike the regular organ verson. Any thoughts on this.


I didn’t ask if they played different wedding songs. I wanted the wedding march and the trio played it wonderfully.


I agree, the wedding trio played the march and it sounded so tropical. Nothing like the organ version. Loved it!



Thanks for the info, I definitely want to have the trio during our ceremony. I am still waiting for the Melia WC to get back to me so I can get the package details and itemized wedding options…it’s been over a week ;o(

If any one reading this has 2007 pkg & option info so I can take a peak, will u please share!!!



If you go to the 14 page one about the Melia and scroll through you will find the package and prices. I think it might even be there a few times.

Happy reading