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couple questions regarding the Melia Caribe. A lot of resorts say, dress code (long pants) for dinner, but are not strict about it …
Is the melia strict on that policy…
Also. Last year we stayed at Riu Taino, and they had NO orange juice. ! Does the Melia have it ?

long pants for sure at the a la cartes…not enforced for the buffets. I can’t believe any resort would not have orange juice but hey, I guess you found one!!

Yes, they have orange juice. :slight_smile:

Orange juice and champagne for breakfast at the Melia. Yes they do enforce the long pants at the ala carte as well as no open toed shoes for men

I just returned from The Melia and they did not enforce long pants or the opened toed shoes for men. There were 26 of us who went and as long the men were in dress shirts/shorts nothing was ever said. We ate in an a la carte all but 2 nights.

then you are lucky. when we were there they enforced the dress code…guess it depends on the high season