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Member status


I’ve been a member since the spring and have read the board for at least 4 years minimum.

The information has been GREAT!!!

NOW I have to wonder about the the terms that show under the members name ?

Why the difference in status???

Everyone has an opinion!

What makes a minor VS a MAJOR???

Why should should people who verbalize an OK or Right ON or something STUPID be honored with a star or a title when it is only an "OPINION " and not necessarily a fact…???

I find the board is starting to get childish in the name of authorship/# of times entered!!!

Lets get back to basics -----"“Information”"

I know this won"t be popular


lets get back to an INFO BOARD…!!!

Lets not let verbalization and repetitiveness and trivialization and pettiness take over this board!!!


Waldo, I assume the board admins and moderators are just having fun with the look/features of Debbies, something they get very little thanks for (thank you!). Not a big deal, in my opinion. There’s still lots of great information here if you’re looking for it.


It seem that some members do care about their status. I wonder who?
Just because a member answers a question in a short manner, that member has just expressed an opinion even if it is right or wrong.
The only person who seems to care if he or she is a minor or major is the person who is asking the question.
Do you not think the administ. should not honour in their own special way members who have been answering questions for one year, two years or even one week? Members like BobfromCanada,Ray(on-my-way),kaki, Remote,Hula ,KAOSandMe and the list goes on have made great contributions to this board and they deserve the stars and the major or minor under their name.
Childish I don’t think so!!



First let me say thanks for finally becoming a member. Four years is a long time to just sit back and read, and not participate. Your right, every members voice does count, however it was your choice not to join 4 years ago and start expressing yours. I come to this board for several reasons, to find out about the DR, the experiences of others who have been there, to try to help others that have questions and to socialize with friends that I’ve made that I probably will never meet. It makes no difference to me how many stars are next to my name as well as it not making any difference as to how many stars are next to the person answering my question. A person with one star can shed more light on a resort that they’ve been to, that I’m interested in, then someone with six stars that has never been there. I didn’t ask the Admin/Mod’s to place the stars there nor did I ask them them to keep count of my posts. I would still be here posting away if there was no acknowledge of my contributions. I will be glad to help you or anyone else that has a question, but don’t knock me for having a little fun along the way.


It is a board thing, it comes automatically with version 4 of the forums, all I did was change the names to Spanish for a little fun. I was working on additional codes for new and current categories but that takes time, you will notice names are different colors as well.

Admin has the ultimate control of the forums, he/she tried to move the Bar Room Banter to another board with an automatic redirect, people did not like that and neither did the server hosts as it is apparently against the TOS. His/her suggestion to me was to delete the threads that get too long.

Gregg and I moderate these forums free gratis, we take a little criticism once in awhile and do make changes here and there, Admin allows us somewhat of a free hand but also has had changes backed off in the past.

Personally I view a number of forums and feel a title of some description leads to creedence of the person answering a post, when I am on the support forums looking for technical information I would rather take it from a Senior or Staff Member rather than a new Member. This is just my opinion. Childish, I don’'t think so, others may think so but that is their perogative. A little fun is had in providing avatars and allowing those techies the ability to show their own avatars and signature lines.

Only if the world were perfect.


I must be missing something (again). I understand the star rating system but have not noticed the major/minor thing. Personally, I appreciate the star ratings as it lets me know that the member is well acquainted with the DR (for the most part, and/or is familiar with how the site operates.

For a time one was assigned “karma” points which I did find useless and could often be used as a judgement for popularity/charisma. That has bit the dust which is fine by me. Lots of different things are tried and seems that if the admin/mods are notified that something just isn’t working or beneficial they delete it. No problem. I think they do an awesome job, I do not know how they do it day after day etc. but a fine job they do IMHO. So THANKS ADMIN. & MODERATORS! If it were not for them this site would be not the great place it is. Info is always appreciated, opinions are always respected. Respect is always foremost.

I feel that I have made many unseen “friends” on this site and look forward to their responses, their own personal little spin on topics. If the world was one colour it would be a blah world. So keep it coming in your own way and words, soon you will get to know everyones little "quirks/personalities/humour. and in posting we will get to know you too! Lesson-do not be a lurker, become a friend!


Hi Waldo,

Whether or not one opinion is more valuable than another is an individual decision based on individual criteria. The same freedom which allows you to value each opinion equally (should that be your choice) allows another member to place more value on the opinion of a more senior or more junior member should they choose to do so. For those who want to place more emphasis on an opinion based on the number of posts of the author the counters and Tag Line designations are there to help them. For others who place no value on them, they are easily ignored.

There in NO STATUS DIFFERENCE at Debbie’s between members of various designations, only the perception of such in some individual member’s minds. The only ones with any status difference (in terms of abilities to do certain things) rest with Admins and Mods and the reason(s) are many and varied and not germane to this discussion.

I am constantly in awe of the ability of most Debbie’s members to filter out the dross floating around the internet and focus like cruise missiles on the kernel of truth which helps their fellow travellers have better, safer, more fulfilling and more fun-filled experiences when vacationing in the land we have all come to love. I place the same esteem on their ability to discern the good from the more mundane information which may be included in answers to questions from any source not only based on the number of posts but based on the entire tenor of the posting from each member.

Viva la difference!


I sort of like how it is,we don’t have to keep everything in life serious,this keeping every thing serious i believe is one of the things that is causing much of the trouble society is facing today,which is why lots of us like to escape to the dr for a few months each year,life is more laid back and simpler,just my two peso’s…


I was really bumming when I had to worry about both stars anddifferent color name designations for ranking. Now, life is back to a simpler time when all I have to worry about is earning my next damn star!!!

By the way guys, a heartfelt thanks for doing the moderation thing. It is a thankless job and I’m sure takes nucho hours out of your lives.



Correct me if i am wrong but in my experience with forums this is what the names and the stars mean.

Name is based on how many posts you have posted.

Maybe the admins can post the number required to reach a certain name?

The star rating is based on the opinion of the members about you.

What they think of the info you post your personality etc.

I cannot seem to find where we get to rate each other but I really have not looked that hard.

I hope this helps.

One thing to think about.

Do you need to worry about what people that you will probably never meet think about you.


[quote author=goldentee2005 board=general thread=1128040188 post=1128187729]Correct me if i am wrong but in my experience with forums this is what the names and the stars mean.

Name is based on how many posts you have posted.correct

Maybe the admins can post the number required to reach a certain name?No, we will not then people will post irresponsibly just to get to a level

The star rating is based on the opinion of the members about you.Incorrect you are thinking of Karma, disabled on these forums

What they think of the info you post your personality etc.

I cannot seem to find where we get to rate each other but I really have not looked that hard.disabled

I hope this helps.

One thing to think about.

Do you need to worry about what people that you will probably never meet think about you.[/quote]
you would ne suprised how many members Gregg and I have met.


I don’t worry about the rating’s I know I make lots of replies and try to help everyone I can where I have the required knowledge.

Meeting people from these forums is a bonus I have met many people and look forward to meeting more every time I go. I would love to go to the fiesta but as I use all my holidays to go to the DR getting to Canada for the fiesta takes second place I sad to say.

THANK YOU admin and mods, you do a wonderful job of keeping us all in line and ensuring that anyone who gets out of hand is told so and controlled politely but firmly.

Cheers Amanda :-*


:slight_smile: I’ve been “active” on Debbie’s boards for many years and not really sure what my “status” is here anymore.

I don’t think that just because someone has posted lots of posts means that they have all the info and know everything there is to know. Sometimes some people post just because they have an opinion or whatever.

This board offers so much info and I can find what I want and need to know when I log on.

I, for one, don’t care how many stars I have. That’s not the point of posting, IMHO.

Keep up the good work, all you ADMINS. This board is easy to use and well laid out, unlike some I have tried to access ::slight_smile:

Also, a big thanks to Debbie for starting this up and keeping it going. :-*


shirleyujest, Hola!
I agree with you for the most part and I know that you have been a member who does not often appear on the posts but I do remember you (catchy name)!

Many of us here have become “friends”, some closer than others. I do feel that many of these members are very good friends and people that I care about. The number of posts/stars etc. does not necessarily endear them to me. What does catch my attention is their interest and passion for the DR and its people. I am sure that is why some members have more stars than other. I am glad the “Karma” points have gone as I think they could be used more for a popularity quotient than anything else. I also believe that once one becomes acquainted with the site and its members one can easily differentiate the effluent!

There was an earlier thread likening us to addicts. It is true for me. I am addicted to finding out as much as I am able to about the DR, it’s people, customs, traditions, politics etc. I also like to know a little about the people who post, volunteer and in general are involved with the DR, whether they are working, living, holidaying or volunteering. It makes me feel more connected to the world in general and the people on this site.

As Amanda stated it would be great ot meet many of the other members but I too save my $ for the annual tropical holiday. Just can not fathom spending time in Canada (although it is very beautiful) for xxamount of $ when I could be someplace very, very, warm and all my cares looked after by others!

Would love to meet the others in the DR but the DDT group trip at this time does not work for me and hubby. So, until we can all meet in Paradise the site will just have to do as a way to keep in touch and let others know I am thinking, caring and sharing with them!

PS-This is just a general answer and not directed at any individual.


I am not even understanding why this thread was started. It is rather obvious that the ratings are simply based on the # of posts they have made. The name just goes along with the # of stars. Heck if this were a popularity contest I would still have 1 star. On the other hand there are some people that are 5 star (whoop-de-do) that obviously have very little to offer as far as the Dominican Republic is concerned.