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Memories Parasio beach resort


:slight_smile: Help, I and my siblings are going to this resort in Feb 2013. Has anyone been there and if yes what are your thoughts. I have also heard that the food in Cuba is very bland and we have to take our own spices and condiments, is this true?
Any tips and advise is greatly appreciated


Hi Linux lady, :smiley:
Food and preparation quality in Cuba depends on the resort and, of course, the competitive stress in the area. Varadero is a great example of this… Rich resorts get the good stuff first.
Variety is the general issue for us, so we choose a different part of the buffet (s) and restaurant (s) every day so we can enjoy something new every day.
We visit a little place on a tiny island off the south coast of Cuba where everything comes in by boat, once or twice a week, and have fantastic food. A beach lovers place. :wink: Good prices for people who just want to recalibrate their minds. :wink:

Check out the reviews for opinions on Memories PB staff and food. :slight_smile:


Thanks and is it true there is no toilet paper in Cuba?
Do they take Canadian money or prefer Cuban pesos.
Is it safe to use your credit card


[quote=@brendab]Thanks and is it true there is no toilet paper in Cuba?
Do they take Canadian money or prefer Cuban pesos.
Is it safe to use your credit card[/quote]
No problem with toilet paper availability on the resort. You might want to take some with you if you go off on excursions or wandering about on your own.

You will need to change your Canadian money to Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUCs) on arrival, either at the airport or your resort. Most resorts have a Cadeca (a money exchange kiosk) to do this. You will need to have your passport with you when changing money. And you need 25 CUC for the airport departure tax. This fee must be paid in cash, so when you first change money, put that amount aside with your passport so you are prepared. It’s a good strategy to change only as much as you think you will need, as you take a hit on the exchange changing it back to Canadian. Most of us that travel to Cuba often like to take some home with us to start our next trip.

Any credit card with U.S. connections will not be accepted. I have had no problems using a Canadian Tire Mastercard, and other cards from Canadian banks should work as well. Credit Union cards may not, as they are often farmed out to U.S. companies.

I believe the resort you mentioned is on Cayo Santa Maria, which is an island accessed by a 40 km causeway. It is an isolated area with just resorts, no actual towns close by. There is a fabulous white sand beach and you can walk for miles. It’s a great destination if you are looking for R&R. February is high season, so it will likely be busy. Food in Cuba is variable in quality and variety. Getting to the buffet when it opens is a good strategy for maximum choice and freshness.

Hope you have a great vacation!


thanks for all the great help. Can we access excursions from here? We have 4 teen agers and a few adults that will want to sightsee as this is our first time in Cuba. What would be good tours to take?


Check out this site for a lot more information, including excursions:




beautiful beach, great people, food is good, they do have lots of toilet paper (although if you leave the resort bring some with you or be prepared to pay for it)

As far as the food goes, Cuban food is different than our food, less salt, less spice, but you WILL always find good food.

Don’t stress, it’s a great place, let us know what you think when you get back


I can’t wait. Does anyone have an email address for this hotel - Memories Parasio Beach club