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Memory candles


Hi everyone, Happy Valentines

I am planning on having a memory candle at my wedding in Sept 07 at Playa Pesquero to remember my mum. My plan is as I’ve ‘walked down the ailse’ to then light the candle so it is lit throughout the service & initial champagne toast so I can remember my mum who died 3 yrs ago and who would have jumped at the chance to see me marry in Cuba.

My questions are:

  1. Has anyone else used memory candles?
  2. Where did you get them from?
  3. Did you use a pre-determined text on the candle?
  4. Were you able to put your own verse instead?
  5. Has anyone made their own?

We will be using the candle again at our return party so dont really want names on it so we can also remember all the relatives who have died and cant be with us.

Thanks for any help




What a lovely thought and the perfect way to honour your mum at your wedding.

Our son opted to do something similar at his wedding. In his case, he wished to honour his long deceased paternal grandparents who would have celebrated their 60th anniversary on the day of his wedding. Better check with the groom’s family though, because our son’s personal gesture didn’t go over very well with the bride’s family at all!

After the bride had arrived and walked down the aisle, but before the ceremony started, our son, ourselves and our daughter jointly lit the memory candle.

Our son decided on a very plain, ivory coloured pillar style candle about 6 inches high which stood on a plain crystal base. To prevent the candle from blowing out in the wind, a clear glass cylinder about 8 inches tall was placed over the candle once it was lit. In advance of the ceremony, a small table with an ivory damask table cloth was set up for the candle and next to the candle, he placed his grandparent’ wedding photo in a nice antique looking photo frame. His grandmother’s favourite small vase, which contained a few fresh flowers that matched the flowers chosen for the wedding, stood next to the candle on the other side. It was simple, elegant and very moving (well at least for our family!).

Some of the supplies came from a local craft store and others were family items in my possession.


That is very nice as PP said.

Im not to sure how the candle will hold up in the wind? If you are looking to personlize the candle - You can place a photo on a white pillar candle, pin the four conners with a stick pin, and then use your blow dryer to melt the wax behind the photo and adhear it to the candle. (It works really well once you get the hang of it!)

I have also seen batterie powered Tea lights @ tidys florest - Also I saw them once at a dollar store. Thay flicker really nicely in the evening!Mabey you could use one of them and get a nice glass holder for it?

Hope this is of some help!Let us know what you come up with!


You can also tell Yaly about your idea. I’m sure you’ll do something special for you. I think they did something really really nice for Tigs too when she got married there in Oct 2005.


Hi Hayley!

Melmelfish is right - contact Yaly and let her know what you wish to do and see how she can help you. For our wedding at PP, we too wanted to do something in memory of my mother who had passed away just 2 years before our wedding.

We had decided to ask about getting an extra bouquet of flowers that would be placed next to my father during the ceremony. Yaly and Katherine told me to leave it in their hands and they would come up with something suitable. What they ended up doing was to decorate a wicker chairs with the most beautiful tropical flowers I have ever seen! :o They did the entire frame of the chair as well as putting the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers on the seat !!! We were so touched, it was such a nice tribute!!! Brings me to tears now!!! :’(

They will do their best at PP to honour your every requests - obviously within reason. :slight_smile:



Thanks melmelfish & tigs.

Think I’ll tell Yaly what i’d like to do. When would you recommend telling them? A few weeks before we go or just wait til get there & are discussing wedding with them face to face?


Hi Hayley,

We let Yaly and Katherine know of our intentions a couple of weeks before we got to PP, and then discussed it in person once we arrived.