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Met a woman in Punta Cana


I had the pleasure to visit Palma Real in Punta Cana.
While there I met the most beautiful woman that I ever laid eyes on. She lives in Highey and we talk often. I plan on goning back to visit in September.
Any positive advice?


Congrats, what does she do for a living? Wehre do you plan on staying in September at her house or a resort? Go slow…just like at home.


Thanks, she works as a cocktail waitress at the resort. I plan on staying at a hotel in Santo Domingo, I would not dare try to stay at her place while I am there.
Again thanks for the advice, I will take it slow.


Do an internet search for sankie or sanky…

There are such things as sankiettes.

She may be different - but maybe not.

Here’s a place to start:




no, no, i’m not going to say anything,but do read what fireguy sent you…


The hard part is telling the difference …
As a previous poster said, “go slow”.


Okay guys, I was trying to be polite about it, thanks for saying it for me. Polodogg1 don’t get caught with her in your room at any time, she could loose her job. I wouldn’t count on spending a great deal of time with her either at the resort as she probably works very long hours, take into consideration that you’ll be spending time with her off-resort during her days off. Watch for the sankiette signs as fireguy and the oldmillwright eluded to as it works both ways.


she works at the Palma Real in Bavaro, she lives in Higuey, you want to stay at a hotel in Santo Domingo on the south coast, that’s a bad constellation unless she will be on vacation during your visit and you can stay in santo domingo together.
did she introduce you to her family, kids?
if it’s just knowing each other from some smalltalk while she been working at the resort does not sound to me like ‘much’ knowing each others, would not count on many visits or such for the next trip.
good luck


Use protection :wink:


Honestly I plan on being very careful. Actually I have a Dr. that I plan on visiting in SD. I didn’t take her to my room and she will be on vacation when I visit.


i just looked at the sankie pankie sight. It gave me a lot of insight, thanks. Seems like some of the women in the states are already donig this :).
I will surely be careful if it comes to that. Again thanks for the positive feedback.
I probably will hang out with the Dr. whom invited me back to see SD, maybe get in a chicken fight and see the sights. I definately will be careful to not be sanked.


I can’t believe in this day and age that some people can be so easy to fool.
Polodogg, go to the DR and have fun. Do everything you desire.
Just remember the lessons that you learned in grade 1 .
" Put your toys back in the same place that you got them from when you leave "
I might get a flame post or two on this but if it stops one guy / gal from getting ruined , it is worth it


what you meant with
Seems like some of the women in the states are already donig this
that women in the states and from every other country are doing that,
and btw men do the same also,
that isn’t something new.
it is exactly on the day as old as women/men travel to tropic destins.
good luck


OK…having some personal knowledge I wil respond. I am married to a Dominican lady and we have a baby together. Before I met her, in the country, I had been in the same position as you my friend, several times. Once a Dominican (chica or chico) starts working at a resort they are bombarded with " gringos are here for us to exploit" from their peers. She most likely sees a visa to America where we (Americans have this fabulous tree out back that grows money) Trust me, you are not he only one in her sights. You are also not the only one that has been in this situation.

Here is my honest opinion; soon, she will tell you how sick her mother, or her father, or her sister (on and on) is and will ask if you can help. She may ask you to help with dental work or an operation for her daughter. She is probably also working the guy from Canada that she met in June that is also the “only one”.

yes, there are women and men like this in the U.S. and Canada. You want one?

Sir, please do not hate me but heed this 1 word…RUN!!!


;D This is getting good. I am definately mindful, but some of these reactions are great. I wish I would have asked the question when I married my ex-wife. Maybe I would have been a rich man by now. Thanks all. :sunglasses:


Polo…I was not trying to be abrasive, just realistic. Been there done that. You may have found that 1 who you were meant to be with but please my friend, walk softly and watch for all the little things that may indicate her lack of honesty and integrity.


Trouble in paradise Phil?


No Pat…you obviously misinterpretd what I meant. I went through the same thing before I met my wife who is also the mother of my child. My wife never worked at a resort or for that matter in a resortr area. Coming from a ‘moderator’ one would think you could read what was said and not what you percieve. Also, coming from a moderator it would seem you would at least have a ‘clue’ as to what goes on in the D.R.

I will be going to the D.R. on August 6th to Santo Domingo, with my wife and my chld for an interview for Brianna ( our daughter) to become an American citizen.

The ONLY ‘trouble in paradise’ has arisen from my government…Homeland Security and the Vermont Service Center.

Phil. It would be easy to misinterpret your original post. I had to read it twice (OK three times) before I read it the way you intended. It was kind of unclear whether you were talking about your wife or someone you met prior to that. And I know you are talking about prior to meeting your wife. Your point is well taken. The guy should proceed with caution and be prepared to run if she is a sankiette. Everyone is saying that.

Oh, and FYI, Pat is not one of our moderators.

Good luck with your interview. I hope that goes well.


Nope – not a moderator or an “expert” on the DR (or anything else for that matter LOL).


Sorry for being a bit abrasive but I do not see any ambiguity in my post. Here is the first line I posted.

OK…having some personal knowledge I wil respond. I am married to a Dominican lady and we have a baby together. Before I met her, in the country, I had been in the same position as you my friend, several times.