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Met a woman in Punta Cana


I think there is some good advise in there. If she starts asking for money, she probably only cares about money. There probably are many other guys that see her and think she’s the most beautiful woman they have ever seen. She may be in contact with them too.

Like the first person said, take it slow and be a little critical if asked for money.


I agree 100% with jahaira. This has happened many times with ladies have been to DR with ( men being the Sankie) This can happen even if there is NO LOVE in the air. As little as exchange of emails can get a “I was in a traffic accident and need medical fees email” Not to sound racist but it is just the way of life in DR as far as I can tell and these men and women are just taking the tourists leads. Some tourists go there and have fun with the wonderful amazing looking staff and we are friendly or horny and they just do what they think is right and play along. We are relaxed and on vacation and feel a bit sorry for them because we do have " a tree with money growing on it” compared to what they have.

Same thing happens with our workers in Canadian Ski resorts with Australian rich tourists.

Also even if the person you meet is Not staff or a sankie ( could be a tourist from a different country) we all know life on vacation is not the real thing and relationships have more than drinks sunsets and secluded trysts. Yes some of these relationships work but as some of you members that are married to a person from DR it takes allot of work and red tape.

Is it real? Is it worth it?
Just my thoughts.


Hey Polodogg1
I have travelled all over the north coast from Cabarete to Ruinas de la Isabella past Luperon for the last 6 years many times. There are beautiful women all over the island and I have found some real stunning & lonely ladies in the smaller pueblos. You gotta get off the resort!!! I usually take an off-duty bartender (guy) (or two) and we do a day trip to whatever direction I choose. I pay all expenses, travel, food, beer, etc and usually give the guys a “propina” when we get back. Dominicans all love to party and laugh. We hook up with some lovlies somewhere and party is on and if the urge hits you move on to the next town. We go by gua-gua or whatever and it has always been a blast. Sure the girls are looking for a husband, green card, boyfriend, money…it’s the same in mexico and cuba. (only in my opinion the DR girls are prettier). Go, have a good time, take some small gifts for people and protect your “little elvis”. The majority of the girls are not allowed in the resorts and the ones that work there are hit on by drunks every day and get a little jaded. In little towns like Embert there are pretty treasures just waiting to be found.
Oh, and a little tip: a room in the Embert hotel cost me $12 for the night and had a private bathroom with a shower & tv, and was clean & safe. We partied until about 4am! There is also one just a couple of miles from the RIU Mambo resort, (going west) and it was less than $20 for the night and was nicer than my room in the RIU! Both places allow “guests”.

Sometimes I don’t feel like coming back or shutting down the party and the roads at night are absolute killers and its safer just to get a room, I have seen washouts that could swallow greyhound buses! Not to mention cars & buses with no lights. Daylight travel is safer by far.

Just remember to treat the dominicans like you would like to be treated, it will pay off in spades!

I’ll be returning soon.