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Mexico Photos for you

Please if you have to share some photos prom Mexico please do it here in this thread. Yes you can create your own thread and put nice photos from Mexico. Here is the one from Cancun:

La Crucecita (Huatulco)


Maroma Beach (Mayan Riviera)

Beach at Chacala (Pacific Coast)

Sunset at La Penita del Jaltemba:

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Morelos (Mayan Riviera)

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@traveljunky those photos are amazing! Sunset photo is unreal. Love it. Thanks for sharing with us!

no problem! :sunglasses:

Love your photos from Puerto Morelos. I never had a chance to visit but its definitely on my list! That sunset looks unreal as well!

we actually walked on the beach from Playa Maroma to Puerto Morelos and back. It’s about 7 years ago, and I remember it as a really nice small town, not as touristy yet as Playa del Carmen. I can only hope that hasn’t changed yet!

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Do you know if people still can climb on Coba as I see on this photos people do climb. I understand that this is a few years back but was wandering if now its still allowed?

I have no idea. I know that you can’t climb Chichen Itza anymore, they changed that a few years before we visited the Mayan Riviera. That was one of the reasons we went to see Coba, as we were still allowed to climb it! I’m sure someone who has been there more recently can give you an answer to that :slight_smile:

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This handsome man (beautiful woman?) needed for everyone to see how good-looking he or she is in Mazatlan.

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Mazatlan from the lighthouse. (El Faro)

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OK, so this might not be what people were looking for.

But here is a gallery of cats in Mazatlan. That’s how you can tell that Mazatlan is fairly prosperous. The cats seemed to healthy and happy.

I can haz ceviche?

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Lovely photos @sweetmystery ! Where is the last photo taken?

The photo was taken at Guayabitos, beachfront for the Decameron Los Cocos


Acapulco photos:

This is beautiful photo!

Acapulco beach:

The following pictures are from our recent stay in Huatulco. Stayed at the Castillo, detailed review on TA. Any questions I will do my best to answer.