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Michael Jackson show

A few years ago we saw the Michael Jackson stage show at the CDM in La Romana and really enjoyed it. It really was the best of any of the evening entertainments.

It sounds like it is still around and I would love to know if anyone has any idea of its schedule? We will be at Grand Oasis Bavaro Dec. 27-Jan. 3. I know our kids would enjoy it if we knew it was coming there.

Almost every resort has their own “Michael Jackson show”

I was at Grand Oasis Bavaro in early October, they had one and was at Catalonia late October and they had one also.

Thrilla! Beat it! Yawn!!!

omg! my husband and I saw one of these shows and I had to be dragged kicking and screaming BUT they really do a great job

There was a guy from La Romana, I believe his name was Ramon Ortiz, who did a Michael Jackson show that did the rotation being at one hotel every Monday or every other week, another every Tuesday, etc. I saw him at Casa del Mar and I saw him at Dreams Punta Cana, so I suspect he may be the one that you saw. I have heard that the problems surrounding the real Michael Jackson have impacted on his show and his act hasn’t been quite so desirable lately though I think he’s still pretty solidly booked. Too bad since lots of us are able to separate the music/art from the man if we have to. I don’t know how many of the Michael Jackson shows at the hotels are put on by the hotel entertainers/dancers and how many are Ortiz. It’s not just Ortiz, it’s his dancers and the whole act that are really stellar. If you contact the hotel they may be able to confirm whether it’s in the rotation or not, and which night if it’s Ortiz. They would have to book him in advance, but if it’s hotel staff they have the freedom to move things around based on weather or an injury.


Yes, there is at least one MJ group that travels from resort to resort. We saw their van at the Palladium last month. They perform at the Palladium 2 nights each week.

A bit cheesy but not a bad show by AI standards.

say it last year at the Palladium and as far as MJ shows go it was pretty good. I think all resorts have a MJ show at least once a week.