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Michel and Angelica Robinson Are :::

Highly connected to the government in Havana. Their late great grand father was Dr. Paul Sanchez who was the uncle of the late Cecial Sanchez. T%he family house in Niquero was where Frank Pais and Celia stored guns and amo. for the freedom fighters aboard the M.V. Granma which hit the beach near Niquero on Dec 2 / 1956.
Dr. P{aul Sanchez died early in life and his widow and four daughters moved to the USA. The youngest of the Sanchez sisters left her infant daughter in tha care of the Minister of Health Dr. Jose Ramon Machado Ventura. Dr. Machado retired last year as the First Vice President of Cuba.

The Holguin airport is named after this man :::

Frank Pais Airport :::

Lol Gordon, you married into Cuban commie royalty. Good for the kids.

M and A are also related to the late Sir John A MacDonald - the first prime minister of Canada. When The CRP railway was completed Sir John sent his railway chief to Cuba to build railways in Cuba. Many of the Chinese rail workers in Canada went to Cuba to build their raiol system.