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Might as well post the bad news here


The poster DT (Don Tomas) was murdered in Colombia.

Love him… hate him… who cares… it makes absolutely no difference. For years he was a force on the Cuban discussion forums. He knew more about the so-called “real” Cuba in Havana than 99% of the people posting on these bloody forums.

In person he was a genuinely decent guy (and scary smart) and even though he was a big blonde Dane he had such personal understanding/knowledge of Cuban culture, mannerisms and language that more often than not he could pass as a Cuban.

He still owes me a bunch of beers and some CUC for the last cellphone top-up. I’m pissed that I’ll never collect face-to-face. Bastard.

It’s a very sad day. Tomas died way, way before his time. He should have continued pissing off Cuban tourists (including me) for years and years.

RIP amigo.


Thanks for letting us know, Terry. I am lost for words. I am so saddened by this news.

RIP, Tomas.


Never, ever believe anything reported in the media, but for what it’s worth…


Terry:That is such sad, sad news. I will miss his posts on LP and here as well. My condolences to his family and the friends he has made over so many years. Thank you for posting the tragic news, this must be hard for you to take. RIP DT.


What a loss. My thoughts are with his daughter.


I am shocked and saddened by this news. My heart breaks for his child.

My deepest sympathies to his family, loved ones and friends… Blessings to his spirit.


Very shocking news. I have missed his contributions on Trip Advisor and it’s sad to know he’s gone, and in such a terrible way. RIP DT.



R.I.P … DT
DT was banned on TA by the Old Church Ladies for speaking what he thought .
Always enjoyed his off the cuff comments
Now he can join Mardi for a beer in heaven

Johnny C


This is a terrible tragedy and I really can’t believe it has happened. DT’s knowledge about Cuba was second to none and he will be sadly missed. My condolences to his family.


Thant is very sad, sad news. R.I.P Don Tomas :frowning:


Very sad news indeed


I miss you Tomas. When I first heard the news I was shocked beyond words. You sometimes ruffled some feathers, but you were always honest and ready to give your opinions and share your knowledge. You always treated me kindly, even when I displayed my own lack of knowledge about Cuba, That is something I always appreciated about you.

We had many conversations on the forums and in PMs, and although we never met, I felt I had gotten to know you as a friend. I enjoyed your sense of humor, and appreciated your way with words. I always looked forward to reading what you would have to say. It is indeed a tragedy. though we all have to go sometime, it is terrible that it happened in this way. Most of all, I am saddened for your daughter.

Rest in peace, my friend.

  • Jack


I am adding to the choir here… but Don Thomas was a poster I respected…and no matter how long a read his posting was I would enjoy the read & learned a lot… He will indeed be missed. to his family & fellow travel forum family we have all had a loss

Thanks Terry for starting this thread!


Such a waste & so very young . Bastards !!
RIP Tomas


Sad news! I used to love his rants on "Cuban gifting"and his depth of knowlege on his posts. RIP DT!


OMG! I am absolutely stunned by this tragic news. I cannot believe he was murdered and was so young, really thought he was in his 80’s. My heart goes out to his Family and Dearest friends.
Now that DT has joined Mardi in heaven well they will be warming it up for the rest of us.
What was he doing in Columbia, I thought he had a business going in Cuba?


So, as most of you may know, there was a tribute thread on TripAdvisor, started by SimonYYZ. That stayed for about 6 or 7 weeks, and then recently, Tomas’ father came on to express his thanks for all the kind words said about his son.
Soon after, the thread was closed and deleted. Simon was banned, as was Tomas’ father. Further fallout seemed to result in several other regulars being banned, or just deciding not to post on TA.
It really is too bad that all happened, and I am glad that on here and on Thorntree, we are at least able to remember a friend who has passed.
I did manage to save most of that thread, but not Simon’s original post. There were some interesting links in that thread, and I thought it might be good to share them:


Thanks, Jack. He surely will be missed by many here.


Thank you Cubajack… So sad that small minded people find it so important to do such posturing then hide behind a moderator’s shield, not even identify themselves or offer valid reasons …